Canadian gals- is Saks the next Target?

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  1. For all the Canadian gals here- is it just me or does Saks royally suck? Is this the next major retail flop like Target's short lived presence here in Canada?

    Mind you I have only been to the Saks Fifth Avenue Sherway Gardens location. I have been three times and all 3x times what I was looking for was just not available (trip #1 - pair of Valentino rock studs trip #2- my SIL was looking for a pair of CL trip #3 looking at a Gucci clutch). I wanted to give Saks a try I really did- I love shopping at Saks in the US. The only thing that impressed me even slightly today was there Choo/ Manolo inventory.

    I have heard that certain brands / designers have exclusive contracts with Holts and/or David's. So what am I missing?! What does Saks carry that you can't find anywhere else? Am I the only one who feels this way?
  2. If you are looking for something specific, I vote you stick to online shopping. Saks is alright, but I don't feel like any retail store ever has what I'm looking for when I'm looking for it.
  3. I used to shop online with Saks all the time. Now that the $ has taken a nosedive I'm paying a few hundred dollars more for the exact same product I can find at alternate store whether it's the designer boutique, Holts or David's.

    ...if it's something not sold in Canada then ya online is still my go to place. I travel a lot for work so I just pick it up elsewhere.