Canadian gals: Holt renfrew pricematch on LV?

  1. Did anybody hear if Holts started doing a price match to the US$?
  2. Yep the prices in the Canadian stores are now the same as the American ones! :smile:
  3. Nice!!!
  4. yeah, I heard about that too... walmart even match the US price of magazine. (I just came back from walmart)
  5. Also, Tiffany and Chanel lower their prices!

    Buy something fast before they increase
  6. i bought my neverfull mm last week..was 620..but i saw us lv sells it for 575...did it just changed?? would i be able to claim back the price difference??
  7. is this JUST holts or the canadian LV, gucci etc stores too?
  8. I am going to pretend I didn't see this thread... DH will kill me!
  9. It think you are mistaking the price of the PM with the MM price. The Neverfull PM is $575; the Neverfull MM is $620.
  10. I bought the red Croisette french purse today at the Holts on Bloor. It was $600cdn plus taxes. It's listed for $600US on
  11. wow!! i am very sorry that i stumbled onto this thread!!
    my credit card is going to kill me :sad:
  12. This is awsome news!!!!! I'm sooo happy! I need to buy something!
  13. I know exactly what you mean!
  14. I am getting a little nervous...I hope the loonie holds.:confused1:
  15. I talked to a SA at the Louis Vuitton at the Hotel Vancouver yesterday and she told me that not all of the prices across the board have matched the US prices. She said on some of the bags, but not the shoes. But, the price of the MC Ursula didn't go down & is still about $90 more than the US price
    :sad: Can anyone else confirm this?