Canadian gals, have a look at Feb Chatelaine magazine

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  1. There is a kick ass pic of a Chinese woman holding a part-time for the featured article about Bold Chinese Women (something like that).
  2. I saw that - gorgeous bag!! I already tore that page out to add to my photo collection! :p
  3. Awesome, i'll definitely check that out.
  4. Can someone please scan the pic and post it here?
  5. I read that article ... I was taking my DD to the dentist's office and saw that pic. I wanted to tell everyone 'I have that bag' (of course, everyone would think I was insane! LOL) ... I'm definitely in love with my truffle GGH part-time all over again!
  6. ^ I'd love to see it too, I tried to search online but was unsuccessful.
  7. I'd love to see it too if someone can scan it!!! TIA!
  8. I thought of this thread when I saw the Chatelaine magazine today .. here's the picture for everyone to see. The article was "The Boldest Women in China" (subheading: In Shanghai, China's "City of the Future", women are educated, career-driven, forthright and fashion-obsessed, and just might be the leaders of a revolution 600 million women strong).

    There were actually two Bbags in the 6 pictures they'd showed. But the other photos you could "just" see the tops of the handles of the bag.
    chatelaine Bbag.jpg
  9. Fierce!
  10. Looks fabulous, thanks for posting!
  11. Thanks for posting it Moonstarr. I just love her look!
  12. thanks for posting!! awesome picture
  13. What color is her bag?
  14. Thanks for posting!

    The bag looks awesome on her :yes:
  15. I just love that pic ... I've been looking for an edgy black leather jacket for a while! I just love that whole look!

    I'm pretty sure that it is a truffle GGH part-time! I have that bag ... I just hope I can work it like that girl can!