Canadian EBay Sellers - Tax Implications


Jun 23, 2009
This is pathetic and ridiculous!!!!!!!!!! I can see for anyone who is conducting big business on ebay, and I'm all for paying my taxes - ONCE!!!!!! Maybe they won't be as anal as this (or maybe they will), but if I were to sell a purse I bought and no longer want, I already paid tax on that purse when I bought it. So if I sell it, I'm going to have to pay tax on it again???????? Is that what this article is saying?

I guess that shouldn't surprise me though - they get taxes every time a used car is sold even though the taxes were paid on it when it was initially bought from the dealership. So if that car gets sold 5 times in it's lifetime, they collect taxes 5 times. That's pathetic.

I love being a Canadian and I love living in Canada, but sometimes Canada Revenue Agency just goes too far.



What, me worry?
Dec 30, 2007
The Cool Cool North
This has been floating around for awhile. They are not looking at the "garage sale" sellers who sell their surplus items from time to time. They are targetting the high volume sellers who use ebay as a distribution channel for their business. The taxes they are trying to collect are income taxes, not sales taxes.
Jul 29, 2006
I saw this on the news as well. I think it was only applicable to PowerSellers, so the occasional seller should be okay. I'm not sure how they would calculate profit though, since some people are selling their used items, which cost MORE than what they would sell for on ebay! Would that mean they would incur a loss, and therefore reduce their taxes from other income? Very interesting!