Canadian dr sexually assaulted patients

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    This is the scary part: ""He continues to enjoy widespread support not only with his family but amongst his colleagues, patients," Greenspan said outside court.

    That's why I*can't trust too much any dr or any patient of theirs because apparently patients fall in love with their drs and defend them even if they rape patients... Every time I do my research I find something worse, something more scary :/ i guess all i can really do is hope i'm lucky and find a good dr who isn't crazy and doesn't do anything wrong by accident or on purpose (i also read about a botched nose job in korean news i think from a year ago or so and the dr who started the reconstructive surgery examined the nose and said "this damage could only have been done on purpose"
  2. Omg that's scary

    I hope we ended up with an ethical doctor for our ps surgery.
  3. Ahhh, this happened in my city. Normally, this kind of thing would never happen because the operating room is FILLED with nurses and doctors walking in and out and you have NO privacy. But this hospital was set up differently, there is a big sheet that separated the head of the patient and the body. So the anesthesiologist would be behind the sheet and no one could see him. Terrible thing to happen, but not likely to happen anywhere else if there are multiple people in the surgery room.
  4. i hope so too. it's really so scary