canadian dollar good. will lv honour the US price?

  1. Since our canadian dollar is really good now practically matching american 1 to 1. does any one know if lv down here is accepting the american price for bags etc.? wouldnt make sense to pay more if its cheaper in the us...also woudnt make sense if our dollar is just as good.
  2. I doubt it!
  3. No, not that I have heard. Actually it was explained to me the other day that the dollar is only one factor in the price. Apparently it cost 3% taxes (This might be a bit low, but not by muck) and duties for American distributors to bring in products from Europe, but the Canadian Government is charging 23%.(This figure I am sure of) I suspect our prices will never be on par.:sad:
  4. This will be very interesting to watch, as it closed its highest since the '60s today, almost $1.05.

    I have to wonder about items made in USA. The duty arguement works for items made in France or Spain, (I think 19%) but with NAFTA, US made should be duty free.
  5. aww poo :push: but thanks for the info. just recently ive been hearing my coworkers say that they tried to buy books at the us price but some companys/grocery stores woudlnt let them and some did. so i figured that a big company like lv would have sorted it out. and thats right...considering some of the bags are made in will this impact the canadian market? *fingers crossed* please lower the prices lv! (or best match the us, whichever they prefer :biggrin:)
  6. eh..i doubt it. you're better off buying LV in the US.
  7. Indigo must be taking crap about that - cause they actually have a sign that's been printed off that states why the difference in pricing.

    And I highly doubt it - it comes too close to being a discount. And the import taxes are different. It would be better to just buy from the states, since we do have crazy taxes on top of our prices !!!
  8. perhaps take a drive over to the US and get what you want.. you'd be saving money :smile:
  9. I've been driving down so many times since the Canadian $ has been going up. I feel guilty for not supporting the Canadian economy, but then I think of all the money I saved... and all the bags I've gotten for a cheaper price.
  10. apple actually me too :smile: ive been to seattle over 10 times this summer kinda of getting tired of the commute. i wish they could just match the price :blush:
  11. When I went into Holt last and asked the SA about that I was told that our prices wont be changing. She did say though that more then likely U.S. Pricing will be going up to get closer to ours. Which kinda sucks... I was hoping if anything ours would go down :sad:
  12. Sounds right to me. LV like most companies are out to make a buck. We will likely see prices in th U.S. go up for many different things because they see it as an oppertunity to increase prices and blame it in the weak U.S. dollar! Sorry you guys stateside, but you are likely to get a taste of how expensive life is in Canada without having to travel here!
  14. I wish we had an LV within an easy driving distance of the Erie border. Hehe..I would be the first across.:graucho:
  15. :devil: