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Jun 6, 2006
Does anyone have thoughts on Canadian diamonds? In shopping for a new (upgraded) engagement ring for me, my DH and I have been introduced to diamonds mined in the Northwest Territory.

I'd appreciate your advice and comments. This is a new subject for my DH and me.
They are carried in many of the stores here. They are a bit more expensive, but you are guaranteed where the stones came from.

Here is a blurb about them:
"Canadian diamonds are the ethical, environmental and socially conscious diamond alternative to conflict African diamonds. Guaranteed conflict and bloodshed free, Canadian diamonds are the only pure, clean and ethical choice. All Canadian diamonds are mined in strict accordance to the social, environmental, and labour practices of Canada, strictly regulated by the Government of Canada. The Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct ensures an identifiable audit trail for each Canadian diamond from the mine to the retail jeweler. Canadian diamonds are tracked from mine, through the refining process to the retail jeweller with a unique diamond identification number (DIN) laser inscribed on the diamonds girdle."

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There are quite a few brands of Canadian diamonds. Most stores that I've been to lately will have some Canadian diamonds available. eg. Polar Ice, Polar Bear Diamonds, Canada Mark. When you buy one, they come laser engraved with a serial number (visible with a jewelers loupe) and a certification card. The card includes the serial number and the size and clarity specs. Using those, you can go to the Canadian Diamond website ( to ensure that the diamond you received is what is, a Canadian diamond. Canadian diamonds do cost more as their quality tends to be higher.

Good luck! My mom has a Canadian diamond solitaire pendant a few years ago. They're beautiful! I've been to Yellowknife (just over 100km from the mines), so its cool to see that business is good up there.
Thanks for the information, ladies. I like the fact that they come from a place sort of close to home, and that the workers don't experience the inhumane working condiions we so often hear about.

In the back of my mind I wasn't sure if they were "real" diamonds, but now I know that they are and are really special at that!
^They're definetely all natural real diamonds! My mom has a 3/4 carat solitaire pendant, it sparkles like crazy! Most Canadian diamonds are incredibly well cut and generally have higher clarity.
I got a solitare that is 1/4 carat ring from Birks (sort of the Canadian match to Tiffany's) and it really looks bigger and sparkles (even though I abuse my rings a lot). They are really nice diamonds.
I would buy Canadian. It's a little pricier but it's not a "blood diamond". It's pricier because the price of labour to mine these diamonds is higher than say, South Africa. Sorry, I watched Blood Diamond with Leo DiCaprio and now I can't bring myself to buy a diamond without knowing its history.

I wonder if the price is actually cheaper IN Canada than anywhere else.

I want to get the one with the little polar bear etched inside it!
^My bf wants to get me the polar bear one. Their from Polar Bear Diamond. I've found two jewelers that carry them, but they don't have anything in our price range right now, so we're waiting on them to get more in.

I did a paper on diamonds in Canada several years ago after I saw a news special on diamonds from Africa. It scares me that people would trade something so beautiful for a gun or ammo.

Canadian diamonds aren't that much cheaper in Canada (where I am at least) versus USA. I've looked a bit through Zales and Kays last weekend and the prices were about the same for comparable product in Canada. It also depends on if you are going to one of the chain stores or an independent. One thing you do get is more variety of brands for Canadian diamonds. One store may carry 2 to 3 different brands that are sourced from different cutters and mines.
My and DH's wedding rings are set with Canadian diamonds. They were a bit more expensive but we were happy to pay the extra money to ensure that the workers are well-treated and fairly compensated. Plus, Canada has socialized health care, good social justice laws, etc. so we felt good about contributing to the Canadian economy.

We wanted our wedding rings to represent the values we both hold dear: love and compassion for others. :smile:
My engagement ring has canadian diamonds, we also chose to go this route to ensure no "blood diamonds" I sacraficed about 1/2crt so we could still meet our budget. I don't know if it's just me telling myself this but I really feel the canadians have a slight blue light cast where most african diamonds have the red I like the blue! and I have the polar bear brand, if you look at the side of the stone under a microscope, (my nephew happened to have one) you can see the little polar bear lazer engraving!!
I have the Canadian Love Diamond from Lugaro. It was mined in the Northwest Territories and cut and polished in Vancouver. It has the canadian maple leaf laser inscribed on it. It was important to my fiance that he get me a "conflict free" diamond engagement ring. Here is a pic:

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The ring is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Have a wonderful and happy wedding, just remember your the only one who is not going to remember the whole thing, so make sure your family fills you in on all the goings on you missed.

Example: There is a photo in our album of my mother in law being picked up by one of the groomsmen on the dance floor and totally spund around, I have no idea when this happened or where I was.:biggrin:
My friend's engagement ring has a Canadian brilliant cut diamond, I don't remember the specs but I do remember thinking that this is quite a lot of money for a rock that size ! It is definitely more assuring though because of the assurance that it won't be a blood diamond, plus hers has a polar bear etched into it ! :heart:
Another Canadian diamond company to look into would be Aurora, the jewellery store that I worked for sells them. They are mined in Alberta, and the great thing about Canadian diamonds is that they are exclusively sold in Canada only, they are not allowed to be exported at all, also I'm not sure about the following information, but according to one of my ex-coworkers, Canadian diamonds are actually more pure as the ice caused by the snow and cold weather in Canada actually prevents other little particles from "dirtying" the diamond.