Canadian Customs

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  1. I recently sold a pair of Alaia croc sandals on eBay to a Canadian buyer. I made a stupid mistake of lying about the value of the item(wrote $34.70 when the winning bid was $347) and marking it as a gift. The buyer actually contacted me and asked for me to mark the item as "USED SHOES", which I don't think is illegal. I did include a PayPal receipt with the actual cost of the item in the package but I tucked it inside the shoe box, underneath the shoes.

    After doing some research about Canadian customs, I've become a little paranoid about the things that could go wrong. I've heard about Canada Post horror stories including outrageous customs fees, delayed shipments and tons of random customs spot checks. The package I had sent was packaged in a reused old box but weighed around 5lbs because of the shoe box, perhaps this could be suspicious? Also, I had sent it via USPS Global Priority which includes tracking information.

    Nothing has necessarily gone wrong, yet. But I was just wondering what you guys think is the worst that could happen? What do you think the chances are of my package being delivered without any problems? How long did it take for you to mail a package via USPS Global Priority to Canada?

    I guess I'm just worrying because I previously got scammed by an eBayer in the UK and can't afford to lose the money from this transaction:sad:. It is being held by PayPal until they can confirm delivery or until I receive positive feedback.

    Any input is appreciated! Thanks!
  2. I am from canada... never really have any problem...

    the Canadian custom charge is very reasonable... there will only be a charge sur. of $5 or $8 surchage + local taxes +duty (most of the time I don't get charged that)... they turn around package pretty quickly... so I don't you gotta worried.

    Just keep in touch with your buyer through out the process and keep tracking online will be the best bet to go.

    if they don't open it, your buyer most likely won't get charged anything (you are allowed Cdn$60 as a GIFT) IF custom open the package and saw the invoice, then she may get charge tax/duty base on invoice...but she can chanllenge the charge with custom since you have marked the package as 34.70.. KWIM?

    Only Fedex/UPS/DHL charge high amount of brokerage.
  3. the problem with including a receipt is that if they open the package then they will charge the price that is on the receipt. I have only had them open one of my packages so far.
  4. I also live in Canada. I recently received a bag and the seller put the value as $30 and a gift. Customs opened the package and reassessed the bag for $300 ( which was the actual price). I had to pay duty and taxes and I had no problem with that. I think I had to pay around $50 cdn.

    Packages may take up to 1 month in my experience for delivery but on average about 2 weeks.
  5. It is not likely that anything bad is going to happen. There is so much commerce going between the U.S. and Canada and customs is not overly concerned with regular merchandise. The worst thing that could happen is that the package get inspected (which hardly ever happens), customs finds the invoice, thinks that maybe you made a mistake on the declaration and would revise the declaration to the amount on the invoice. The buyer would be responsible for the fees. Many sellers refuse to underdeclare and they are well within their rights to do so. Many sellers do underdeclare and, for those that do, it is better not to include the paypal invoice in the package. Global priority from the U.S. to Canada generally takes one to two weeks.