Canadian COACH OUTLET- Niagara Falls!

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  1. #1 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 18, 2011
    So thanks to BigP i heard they will be opening a Coach outlet on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Only thing is, nobody knew where! Well i did some research & found its going to be at....................................

    Canada One Factory Outlets!!! Opening Sping 2009 so i guess in March like BigP said.

    I'm going to feel like a total idiot if this has already been posted 100 times & everybody knew about it but me! But i'm too excited!!!! I can't wait!

    Edit: check out & if you're interested, go to careers because Coach is hiring for all you ladies in the area!
  2. Great job! Thanks for sharing this info :smile:
    I've been getting my Coach fix from the Windsor Outlet but this one will be closer...
  3. I've never been to the Windsor outlet because its really far from Toronto. At least now i won't ***** if my boyfriend wants to go to the casino because i'll be shopping LOL

    I've been to the Buffalo one twice & nothing caught my eye. But my Coach obsession is really starting up now!
  4. Thanks for the update! :yahoo: Hiring huh? that is VERY tempting!
  5. Do it! We're going to need some insider info as to whats coming in! hehehe

    Quick are the prices at the Windsor outlet as compared to the US outlets?
  6. Thanks for the info!! This is so great, one more reason to visit Niagara and no more hassles crossing the border to Buffalo, exchange rates, and duty taxes! Very exciting!! =)
  7. ^^That's a good question. I'd be worried that they wouldn't discount as much as the do in the States!
  8. #8 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
    So true about the boarder crossing! My cousin bought some Coach stuff once & didn't want to remove the tags. We ended up getting pulled over at the boarder & teh guy who searched my van said what's all this new Coach here? My cousin said she bought it at Yorkdale the day before then slept at my house & thats why its in her big bag. He said yeah, yeah but let us go. I was crapping my pants & fumed at her for not taking the tags off! Oh yeah & she also has this obsession with saving all her receipts so when we got pulled into customs, she took them out of her purse & shoved them in her underwear!!!!

    I hope the prices are good but at least opening an outlet there is a huge step for us in Toronto or the GTA! Isn't Windsor about 5 hours from Toronto?
  9. How close to Casino Windsor is the Windsor Coach Outlet?
  10. Windsor Outlet is 3.5h from Toronto. I only go b/c future in-laws live there. Prices are on par with the Buffalo Outlet :tup: But haven't seen them do the 50% off red-lined prices yet though...

    Codiepop, I agree- no more border crossing questions and getting your picture taken when you drive up to the customs booth!

    HotasFCUK- It's too bad that you didn't find anything at the Buffalo outlet, I scored a Legacy Slim Ali '06 and my beloved Gigi there.

    Counting down to March now... :P
  11. Oh I know, it's a pain... last time I went, which was also my first time, we got pulled over going there and coming back... not fun at all and IMO not worth the hassle!!
  12. Thanks for the scoop on location. I hope the weather is really good for driving when it opens!
  13. ^LOL i thought you would like to know! March is one of the worst months for Ontario snowstorms! Hopefully it won't be as bad as last year (yeah right) & we can get tons of updates as to what they have at this outlet when it finally opens! I guess there is no announced set date yet but i'll be on the look out! Plus, my birthday is in March & i gotta treat myself to something nice!
  14. I'm bumping this tonight because all the Coach lovers in Ontario need to see this! :P
  15. Thank you HOTasFCUK for letting us know about this. When it opens up, I must take a trip down there and as Codiepop and Lilac28 has said, we don't have to worry about the hassles at the border and paying the duty-free taxes.

    I would go to the Niagara Falls, ON outlet just for Coach and tell DH that I spent 4 hours at Yorkdale!:sweatdrop: I don't think that excuse would work b/c he would see the mileage on my car.