Canadian Coach Lovers - Question

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  1. Hello every one (my first post). I've been a coach lover for a while now. I've never bought a bag only coach shoes while I was in Vegas last year. I did go to the outlet store in Vegas to buy a bag, but it was crazy busy in there so I left. I'm ready to buy a bag now.

    I really, really wanted to buy a OP ART IKAT SABRINA 13585. Well it's now sold out on line - that's what I get for waiting (I'm crushed)

    Canadians - where are you buying your bags from? Are you ordering directly on line from Coach? I live in Manitoba (way up north)and there is no coach store/outlet in the city. Hopefully one day. If you are from Manitoba have you found coach bags anywhere in the city? Any help would be appreciated.

    For anyone - once a bag is sold out online is that it, the bag won't be back?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Buy my small Coach accessories from the outlet and Coach shoes from Nordstrom.
  3. Do you have family or friends in Ontario? I think there's an outlet at Niagara Falls, I'm not sure which side though.

    I buy my Coach stuff mostly from the boutique. I bought a couple from Ebay that's no longer available online.
  4. Welcome! I tried many options before the boutique opened in Calgary. You can order online from JAX (Jacksonville Florida headquarters) but you end up paying a fortune to DHL for delivery (although your item will arrive quickly!). Your best bet would be to call one of the Canadian boutiques (Calgary, WestEdMall, Vancouver or Toronto). They're super helpful and will ship quickly. This of course will only work if you want an item that's currently available online or in the boutique. The U.S. outlets will not ship to Canada (at least that's what the Seattle outlet told me). You could try the Niagara Falls outlet - they might be able to help with items no longer in the boutique.
    Happy hunting!
  5. :welcome::welcome2: Welcome NortherGirl to tPF-Coach subforum!!! It's too bad you are so far away from any outlet. I am close to the Niagara Falls outlet and got many deals. If you have family or friends who live near there then ask them to buy and ship over to your home. Also, I think will have better deals now with the Canadian outlets opening up. All the best luck and I hope you get your iKat bag.
  6. Couple of silly questions....

    JAX - is this Coach on line?

    DHL - not sure what this mean?

    I just want to make sure I understand this correctly..... Lets say the Calgary store has the Sabrina bag I'm looking for. They'll ship it to me in Manitoba?

    It's 358.00 on line I'm assuming the bag would be more in Canada?

    Thanks for your help again.
  7. The great thing about Coach is that the Canadian price to the American price is 1:1. They are keeping the same price across both borders. Mind you, if you bought the bag at a Coach store in the United States, they will charge you the difference. It's best to buy it on this side of the border.

    JAX = Jacksonville, Florida

    DHL = I don't know what that means either.
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    Just use the website as reference and then call the store and inquire about the product. If they have it, you can order it over the phone and you will have to give them your credit card info. DHL is a courier company that will deliver your order. I believe shipping is free.

    DHL stands for Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn. The courier was founded in 1969.

    Good luck and welcome. :smile:
  9. Oh and I forgot, the price of bags online is the same in the stores except they're in Canadian dollars so the bags in Canada at the boutique are technically cheaper than the States.
  10. DHL is a courier.

    Coach in Canada used to charge us about 30% more but when our dollar hit par they changed their prices and (thankfully) have not changed them back.

    Any Coach boutique in Canada will ship to anywhere in Canada. Before the store opened in Edmonton (second one soon to be opening) I ordered from TO and Vancouver.

  11. JAX is the main Coach warehouse; that's who you reach with the 1-800 number on the Coach website. DHL is the delivery company they use (not FedEx or UPS). In years past, before the Calgary store opened, I would often call Toronto, give them the style number of the bag I wanted, pay over the phone and they would ship it to me in Calgary. Not sure how the prices will work - when the Can. dollar went up, Coach adjusted their prices, and as far as I know, we're still paying exactly what it says on the website.
    Hope this helps.

  12. I didn't know I could order from the Canadian stores. That's fantastic news!! :yahoo: You made my day.
    I'll be calling the stores tomorrow.

    We're so far behind when it comes to certain stores. Sort of sucks that Coach doesn't have a store in Manitoba. At least we finally got a Sephora that opened last month.

    If there are any Winnipegers out there please let me know if you have ever found any Coach purses around Winnipeg.

    Thanks everyone for the quick posts - I really enjoy reading this forum, and I think it's wonderful how helpful everyone is.

    Hugs from Northern Manitoba.
  13. Im in Winnipeg!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I saw the COACH Zoe #12657 in black siggy at the Niagara Falls outlet (CDN) this past Tuesday for $229.00.
  15. I used to live in Winnipeg now I'm in Thompson (hate it). Have you found Coach purses anywhere in Winnipeg? If you have do tell me where you found them as I'm going to be in the city in a couple of weeks.