Canadian Chanel

  1. Where can I find Chanel in Canada and do they ship? I live in PEI and we have no high end stores here. I have made purchases off eBay but am looking to buy directly from the boutique. Will they email me a cataloge? Is there any way to look at the merchandise online? Thanks for your help.
  2. Like I said in the email, I doubt it they do offer online shopping experience from the boutique. Given that they only do retail business. If you know people who live in T.O or someone who do conseigement assignment (sorry if I mis-spelled) they they can purchase things for you and mail to you and charge a nominal fee for service, that would not be a bad idea.

    P.S. I have never been to PEI but I always wanted to go & see Anne of Green Gables show in August :smile:
  3. There are no catalogues... check this forum to see what you like. The Montreal boutique is probably closest to you, although you may have to order from as far as BC if they have what you want. Holts has some Chanel boutiques (Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver... ) They do ship within Canada, as far as I know.
  4. They charge send it through phone with your cc within canada. Try to find a product number for the bag you want.
  5. Yes Anne of Green Gables is a great show!
    I don't know anyone that lives in Toronto that could shop for me... Do they ship if you know the item number? How much do they charge for shipping?Thanks;)
  6. ^^ Yes, they ship if you know the item number. A good SA would be able to understand what you want, if you just have the name of the bag, price and colour. Make sure you love it before you order it, because you may have to pay for return shipping and that's always a hassle to ship things back.
  7. VanessaJean - We are in the same boat, I guess...I'm from NS. I'm still finding how as well & I've sent e-mail to Chanel (US Corporate, then redirected to Chanel Canada). I asked them if they send within Canada or not. But still have no news from them. almost a week already...Please let me know if you can find out the way...
  8. Aren't you making things difficult for yourself? Why not just call a store and ask them. The Boutiques are closed tomorrow (Sunday), but Holts is open, so you can call their Chanel department (Montreal or Toronto) tomorrow and ask them.:yes:
  9. I assume that as long as you know the item number of a piece of jewlery they will ship that too? Also where exactly can you find item numbers for certain bags/jewelery? Thanks again everyone
  10. Hi Ceci! Great to see another Atlantic Canadian here! I am going to find out the item numbers of the items that I want and then the prices and call. I think the Montreal store is the closest???
    Does anybody know if they are out of stock on an item will they order it from another boutique?
  11. The thing is I'm new to Chanel & no idea about the item # & even not sure about the different sizes. (But the ref. from other TPFers are really helpful). I called NM NYC one time & asked about the medium flap, then the SA asked me back "is it medium/large or large or jumbo?" I'm confused.:sad:
  12. ^^ That's why you should check the Reference Library, here on this forum. It can be really confusing because Chanel does not offer a catalogue with numbers and prices.

    Are you interested in a classic flap?
  13. VanessaJean - Chanel store in Toronto will ship & only charge 6% GST & Fedex shipping (depends on sizes). However, I was told to send them money order / cheque for the purchase, not the cc.