Canadian Chanel Retailers

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  1. Hi there, just wondering if anyone knows of a reputable Chanel dealer in Canada? I have been to Holt Renfrew but is that all there is? eBay freaks me out too much (is it authentic ect) And seeing as this is going to be my first Chanel purse purchase I thought I might buy new. Thanks for your help.
  2. The only authorized retailers of Chanel in Canada are their own boutiques (like the one on Bloor St in Toronto) and Holt Renfrew. No other dealer is authorized. However, you may find resale ones in consignment shops.
  3. Thanks Azia. I will try a searching there. Good luck with your wish list.
  4. The Holts in my city does not have a Chanel boutique. Do you think that they could order a Chanel bag from a Holt's that does have a Chanel boutique?
  5. ^ Which Holts are you at?? Calgary has Chanel...doesn't Edmonton??

    You could always order from another store, or even the US.