Canadian buyers... help!

  1. bought somthing on EBAY for $910.00, do you know what I will be expected to pay for custom fees & taxes??... Just want to be ready for it!!!... Seller is putting down $910.00 as that's how much it clost! :confused1:

  2. cant you ask the seller to reduce the value. I just shipped a bag to canada and I only put down $250 as value and I marked it as a gift...
  3. nope... *_*... the seller says she's a registered business, and cannot put anything other then the real value... *_*
  4. thanks... that's gonna be GREAT help!!
  5. awww that sucks.
  6. i heard that customs are going to be cracking down on the devalueing and marking as a gift when it's not thing, it is fraud after all
  7. yhea... i had sellers mark down the value, but NOPE custom opens them and value it to their price... *_*!!
  8. Ask the seller nicely if they could mark your item as a gift and set the value as $50. I find that anything under $50 I didn't have to pay anything!
  9. If it's being shipped by regular post then it will be less than UPS or anything like that.
    Please let me know what you do eventually pay - if anything.
  10. honestly - it's been hit and miss with me - i've had many packages that were NOT marked "gift" that i didn't have to pay any customs at all. but i would say that one out of every 5 packages i've gotten i've had to pay - but it's never been more that $20 bucks. then again, i haven't purchased anything that was $910. i would say, don't be surprised if you have to pay customs, but if they send it by regular air mail, then you may get lucky and not have to pay. Also declaring the value is good in case something goes wrong or it gets damaged in transit right?
  11. good point - whatever you declare it for - that's the insurance value
  12. I don't know if this will help, but I purchased a vintage Chanel jacket from a Canadian seller (I'm US). She valued it at the purchase price of US$400, and I was charged a duty of 17.5%, or $70, PLUS some stupid $25.00 fee (it was sent via Fedex), for heaven knows what. Needless to say, I'm disputing the charges:cursing: .

    Basically, I think it's a crap-shoot. If you go through either Canada Post or USPS, you might escape customs, but if you de-value your purchase, you could be out of luck if they lose the package or it's damaged. If you use a courier such as UPS or Fedex, you should plan on being charged, just in case. It seems that if you DO declare true value, and it's $250 or over (see below), the duty is based on the type of item it is, and what it's made of, country of origin, etc.. Trying to figure out the harmonized-code that determines the fee, is harder than it seems, trust me.

    One more thing: the last I heard, the ceiling has just been raised for duty-free: it is now US$250 (previously it was $200).
  13. Okay guys, I got my bag... it's beautiful... but i also paid a big amount of FEES...

    the seller is a honest seller and is a registered seller, she advised me before she shipped that she HAD to declare the selling value.

    Anyways, package came... end up paying $180.00CDN for it...

    she valued it at $875.00USD...

    I ended up paying GST, brokerage fees, and handling... quite a bit of money for sure... She shiped with USPS EMS!!

    Once a seller value anotehr designer bag as a gift, and custom opened it and ended up paying quite a bit as well...
  14. Ouch! Well, at least you sort of knew it was coming...hope you love your bag!!:flowers: