Canadian bags mostly "made in U.S.A." too?

  1. I've done a search and WAYYYY too many threads came up!! Pretty much every single thread that has "made" or "USA" or "Canada" came up... LOL :lol:

    Nope this isn't a thread about my problem with a bag being made in the USA...but I was just wondering, are most of the bags sold in the Canadian boutiques "made in U.S.A." too? I was just wondering because today I got an online message from my store's manager saying that he has a brand new Beverly MM waiting for me to pick up, brand new I'm assuming it came straight from the factory, pretty much.

    It would definitely make sense that most of the Canadian bags are from the USA...since they're a close neighbour, but at the same time I don't read here on TPF about Canadians having problems with their bags being made in the US (although...there really is no problem, just a preference of course) and who knows maybe we all get our bags straight from France instead.

    So, Canadian TPFers, are most of your bags from the boutique/HR made in France/Spain/Italy/etc. or made in the US?
  2. I'm not from Canada but from Switzerland :smile:
    All my LV bags are from France, made in France
  3. All my LVs are made in France except my Pomme Roxbury (made in Spain) and my Baggy PM (made in USA).

    Did he say where your Beverly was made?

    How about yours? Where are most of yours made?
  4. ^^ Nope, I didn't ask. It was just a quick instant message and I checked it on my cell.

    Well my Miroir Pochette is from Spain (I think they're all from Spain) and my Illovo PM is from France...Actually I think all my LV's are from France except Miroir Pochette, Batignolles (since it was purchased from a US seller), Segur PM (from Italy), Azur pochette (Spain), and uhhh I think that's it.
  5. I remember when I was at Holt Renfrew with my Azur Speedy, the SA was eyeing my Speedy and said that I was very lucky to get one made in France, because from now on, all the Azur Speedys they'd be getting would be made in USA. I think she said that the made in France Azur Speedys would be going to Asia.
  6. Nope, all of my stuff is Made in France. I've never had that issue. I think some of the bigger Canadian cities like TO get Made in USA stuff but in Vancouver, all of the Azur Speedies they got were Made in France, for instance. I'm not totally sure about the more common mono items, however, but I think that Canada still gets most of its stuff from France.
  7. My Azur Speedy is also from France
    I thought that all LV bags are made in France...
  8. I live in edmonton and my SA said most of the bags they get in are made in france.
  9. i got my mono speedy in mtl and it is made in the USA.
  10. Well, I only have one bag to refer to, but it's made in France.
  11. only my damier papillon is made in USA, others are France/Spain
  12. All my Louis Vuitton bags are from France except some Seasonal Collections which are from Spain
    none of mine are from U.S
    however, I went to the Louis Vuitton Boutique in Banff once and most of their stuff are from U.S
    correct me if i'm wrong
  13. all my bags are made in France, with the exception of my mono speedy 25 that's made in USA.

    arnott >> i was told the same thing when an SA noticed my Azur Speedy 30 was made in France. yehey for us! :smile:
  14. All of my bags from Calgary are Made in France, even after arnott announced that the azur speedys would be made in USA for us! I found that interesting. I also never specifically asked for France ones either.

    My Suhali cles was made in Spain though, I think.
  15. I know you're asking about Canada, but I wanted to make a quick note about what another poster said above about LV in Asia. I live in Asia, and I noticed that pretty much all the bags are from France, and most of the accessories are from Spain. (All my bags are made in France with the exception of my Mini Pleaty, which was made in Spain.)