Canada's brutal seal hunt

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  1. This makes me sick every year! I can't believe that they allow this to go on. The HSUS was suppossed to document it but (surprise surprise) Canada denied them their observation permits. How can they just allow this to happen?!
  2. I am not interested in getting into any sort of internet flame war, but I would like to politely suggest that you seek out an unbiased source for your information on the atlantic seal hunt. (For example, it is illegal to kill baby seals in Canada. Anyone who does can and will be prosecuted. The website you have linked to suggests that the seals being killed are 'babies'. This is inaccurate information.).

    While I can both pros and cons to the seal hunt, I believe it is vitally important that people interested in the debate seek out unbiased information.
  3. I don't get info from just one source. I just happened to link one of them. If the seal hunt was illegal then why are the hunters allowed to beat up to a certain quota (over 200,000?) The newborns have white fur (i guess those are the babies you are talking about) but once they start to grow, after a few weeks ,their fur starts to change. It's in this stage that they are killed.
  4. What exactly is the "pro" to beating a sentient animal to death for its fur?
  5. ^ My thoughts exactly.
  6. IA... there's no pros to killing animals like that.. ever.
  7. Here's some good news . . . they couldn't get to that many seals yesterday because they couldn't get through the ice.
  8. One possible remote defense a person could have is that seal culling supports their livelihood.

    But then that could be countered by saying there are many other, less brutal ways to hunt / make money.
  9. yhea....more ice please...:wlae:
  10. I happened to be flipping through channels and landed on Fox news where they were showing footage and saying that Canada's coast guard was clearing the ice for the hunters. They also showed one slipping through the hands of a hunter...hopefully he stays safe
  11. everytime i watch or hear something about the seal hunt, i just cry. it's horrible. i've watched the videos and they are just AWFUL. i can't believe something like that still goes on in the world, especially in a country like Canada!
  12. People that do those things are sick....I'd hate to see how they treat their kids and family. You really must lack compassion (not to mention a heart) to go and beat an animal and then skin it.