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  1. hey all.
    I am from Canada.
    are any of you from Canada? If not, have you ever been to Canada?
    what is the most outrageous stereotype that you have heard about Canada?
    When I hear people say that we live in igloos and own pet beavers, it makes me laugh.
  2. Yes I have been to Canada and live 1 state away. I haven't heard any outrageous thing about Canada or Canadians but I have of Alaska.
  3. I am Canadian (grew up in Winnipeg), but have lived in the US for the past 9 years.

    I've heard the igloo thing, that we use dog sleds to go to work, etc. I really hope people aren't that stupid....I think they're just making fun of us.
  4. I lived in Canada for a couple of years, but I've never heard any stereotypes either.

    I did have a friend who refused to visit me in Canada, which I found bizarre.
    His main reasoning was that he was American, and Americans don't visit Canada. I really didn't get it. :confused1:
  5. I was born in and lived in Toronto until I was 7. I haven't heard any canadian stereotypes (other than the completely outrageous) that weren't at least a little true. Except for that everythinks we say Eh? all the time. I don't say it nor does anyone in my family. I guess it just depends on the person. I think it more of an alberta country thing. LOL
  6. What an interesting question. I adore Canada and have been all over, but love, love, love Vancouver, Montreal and the islands off Nova Scotia. I also think Ottawa is one of the most under-rated cities I have visited - have found Canadians to be charming, interesting and welcoming hosts mixing what I admire in North America with the quirky appeal of the more familiar (to me) Europe. Even thought about moving there a while ago. Would suggest a visit to anyone - a wonderful country.
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    My husband and I moved to Canada (Toronto) 3 months ago, we moved up from Chicago but we're originally from AU/NZ. We love it so much, the people are great, so friendly and I love the laid back really just feels like home to me, so many things about Canada remind me of AU/NZ (esp NZ).

    I love this video, the best part is when Mike Huckabee congratulates Canadians for preserving their National Igloo :P (it's amazing what some Americans believe about Canada!!)....
  8. I live in Canada...the worst things I've heard are that we live in igloos, have snow all the time and drive around on snowmobiles.
  9. I live in Calgary. I grew up in England and moved here when I was in jr high.
  10. I live 1 state away, in Maine, and unbelievebly, I have never been to Canada! I have been all over Europe, but have never visted the country right next door. How sad is that!
  11. I am Canadian!!! I lived in border city and I remember people calling Canadian bills "funny money" because they are different colors. If you look up CBC's Talking to Americans show (find it on YouTube!), you will see even more funny stereotypes.
  12. I'm Canadian and lived there (in Toronto) for 12 years (age 10-21).

    Things I hear from people that live here:

    - that it's cold ALL the time. For example, in July, people will ask me if it's below freezing in Canada right now, and I'm all "right now it would be so hot I would want to die".
    - that there are no cities/freeways
    - everyone is white
    - the aboot thing, which I learned was actually true when I moved to SE Ontario for school.

    Another funny Canada thing: when I went to get my license here in California, they asked me if I had a previous one and I showed them my Canadian license. They almost gave me a new one without a driving test because they assumed it was a US state. A second time, my parents went to register their Canadian car in California, and the process went through...a month later we got a letter along the lines of "we now realize that you were importing a car from a foreign country so here is a list of additional things you have to do". It was funny.
  13. I hear about the " aboot" thing all the time.
    The only cities that ppl seem to know about is Toronto or Vancouver.

    Once, while in Las Vegas, a guy asked me if I knew his friend John who lived in Toronto! ROFL!
  14. Im Canadian! Currently in Toronto but Ive lived all over Ontario (Ottawa, Waterloo, St Catherines, London...)

    Sadly it is actually freezing in Toronto right now - 16 degrees in early August!
  15. i'm from canada! the two most common things i hear is that it's cold all the time and that everyone speaks french.