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  1. All of my Canadian friends...
    Besides Holts, can you recommend other sources for high-end bag buying? Anything new? Any deals you've come across?
  2. Theres alway Leone, gucci, and chanel
  3. There's only a Leone in Vancouver, though (correct?). But Leone is exactly the type of thing I was thinking of (I mean, not necessarily the actual boutiques for chanel, etc. -- which are somewhat obvious, though not necessarily all that plentiful in Canada. Sigh!). I wish there were more Holt's Last Chance stores, too. I wonder if there is anything on the web, that I am missing, or any special deals that are not USA only.
  4. You can always buy purses from neiman marcus, nordstrom and bergdorf goodman. You cannot order it on the website but all you have to do is call the toll free number to place an order. I've been buying purses for year that way since the bags in canada is marked up. It actually work out to be cheaper to pay for the shipping, customs and duty for a bag from the U.S.A.
  5. I've never really worked out the costs (just sort of swallowed them), though I have bought a few things out of the States. It's too bad, not to be able to try on or browse in the same way -- that's the only argument I have with Internet shopping (plus,I always find it harder to estimate sizes, even with measurments provided -- I know, is idiotic but there it is). I suppose it will continue to mean a visit to Holts (or other boutique store) in order to see and try, and then, possibly, a phone call to US. Sigh! To make matters worse, however, my local Holts is one of the poorest, worst stocked branches...
  6. you can always order stuff from other holts to bring in to your local store. where in canada are you from? i'm in vancouver and i think my holt sucks too
  7. Why doesn't Toronto, Ontario have more high end purse stores? I'm with you that Holt's really seems to be the only place. LV on Bloor is nice but only LV, of course. Retailers need to know that serious handbad aficionados are willing to go to great lengths to purchase the bags of their dreams.
  8. I'm in Ottawa (makes Vancouver, where I'm originally from -- hence knowledge of Leone -- look full of stock!). And I completely agree with you re: Toronto. I've actually been thinking that I must be missing something and wondering what all the rest of you have been doing (since I've been doing this 'search outside of Canada' thing for quite some time now, and finding that it is difficult and almost impossible to chase many things down...). Does anyone know if Montreal is better? I understand that it is better for designer clothing boutiques -- in many ways better than TO. Opinions? (Have only been shopping in Montreal about 3 times, so hard for me to completely judge this).
  9. hello. im here in edmonton. and i have to say its getting better. the LV counter in holts is completely dependent on the manager! i say this because we are getting all the good stuff now.....

    and i am a proud owner of the INK motocycle Balenciaga bag! we just got some b-bags last week, and i bought 2! (not the same day- 2 days apart! the 2nd one is light pink hobo! love them soooo much!) getting pretty sick of the knock offs and wanting something different.
    it really irks me when there are soooo many fakes!!!! hate it!

    the selection is ok, but not great! at least i have something to look at...... we do have a spy bag here too. still not sold.....

    good luck
  10. Ordering across the border is always an option, but you'll be hit with customs taxes which are immense. The Holt's on Bloor Street isn't so bad, and there is the Louis Vuitton store, as well as Chanel and Gucci just down the street. My biggest beef with buying in country is the 15% tax, I much prefer to wait until I'm out of Canada to make my purchases !
  11. oh i forgot to mention.... alberta has no PST.... therefore we only pay 7% tax.....
  12. there's also a cute shop in yorkville (toronto) called augustina (on cumberland). they don't carry high end bags, bu they have bulga, kooba and lauren merkin for sure, maybe others. they try to bring in bags that aren't available elsewhere in canada. in halifax where i am, its hopeless! i just order online, or call holts or buy on trips to toronto or the US.

    poor canada, you'd think our population and buying power could support more bag stores...i'd even be happy if eluxury started shipping to canada, it would be a start!
  13. As Ayla mentioned, the taxes in Ontario are really really terrible. It's always a shock to me, to hear my new 'total', once both GST and PST have been added. Alberta, I envy you. (Sigh!).
    And, right, it is important to acknowledge the Gucci and Chanel in Toronto (and these are also in Montreal, at least I know that Chanel is in Montreal). Thanks for the info. re: the Yorkville shop -- it sounds interesting.
    A final note. I agree with you all that it is truly sad that we have not got more resources here. There's been so much written about how our population just does not support 'high-end', that the only stores now making a profit are things like Wal-mart and Zellers. I hate to think that our population is content with these limited options, but the stores go by stats (who is buying what), and the majority of consumers here are not spending in the way that reassures luxury boutiques. Remember 'Les Ailes de la Mode' (those of you who are from the east)? This high-end Quebec department store attempted to expand into Ottawa and failed. Now, of course, Ailes is also struggling in Montreal. (My personal opinion on this, however, as I've shopped at Ailes is that they needed a better buyer... Still!). Re: Holt's. I understand that Holts in Alberta is wonderful, just generally because Alberta is such a booming place. Obviously, they would be paying more attention to getting in special, high-end goods there. I can tell you that the selection in Ottawa is laughable. A few limited guccis (nothing unusual). Lots of Cole Haan and Juicy. A shelf of (very usual looking) Burberry. Hopefully they will have unpacked more for spring, however...
  14. We also have a Hermes, Prada, & Escada on Bloor in Toronto.

    A lot of Italian handbag stores in malls sell Moschino, D&G Dolce & Gabbana and the like in certain malls. (I believe there is one in Fairview?)

    The Winners at College Park and the one on Bloor both have designer purses from a couple of seasons back. Does the Bay on the Atrium sell handbags - like D&G and that? They do sell designer jeans there, so I'm curious now...


    Speaking of Montreal... are Oglivy's and Holts on the same level?
  15. Hi. Yes Ogilvy's and Holt's are similar -- should have mentioned Ogilvy's. Ogilvy's has been trying to remake their reputation recently (had got a sort of stodgy, old style reputation). They have an Aquascutum boutique at Ogilvy's, for e.g. (though now Aquascutum is becoming much trendier -- and I've always liked Aquascutum, too, so am not trying to diss it at all). I've heard that the Winners in larger centres have got Miu Miu, etc. but I've seen very little of that sort of thing in Winners here. Nothing like the stores you've described, in the malls here, but good to note. The Bay here is very limited -- though they've just opened a Brown's in their shoe department, a new thing. I understand that they've got much more in TO.