Canada, US to relax ban on liquids

  1. Now you can take liquids on the plane, but they've got to be in tiny containers (amounting to 3 oz. or less) in clear zip-loc plastic bags.

    Canada, U.S. relax airport security ban on liquids and gels

    Last Updated: Monday, September 25, 2006 | 5:49 PM ET

    Travellers in Canada and the United States may purchase liquids and gels at airports and carry cosmetics and toiletries under revised security rules effective tomorrow, officials said Monday.

    Passengers may bring aboard limited quantities of liquids, gels and aerosols purchased in designated areas. Cosmetics and toiletries also may be carried in hand luggage if they are packaged in a clear, sealed plastic bag. One resealable plastic bag per passenger will be permitted.

    "We are confident that the following measures will maintain security while facilitating safe, efficient, convenient travel," said Jean Barrette, Transport Canada's director of security operations, at a news conference in Ottawa.

    "The announcement we've made today does, in fact, enhance security measures and allow the screening authority to focus on high-risk areas for liquids and gels being brought on board the airplane," Barrette said.

    "We now know enough to say that a total ban is no longer needed from a security point of view," Kip Hawley, head of the Transportation Security Administration, told a Washington news conference earlier in the day at Reagan National Airport.

    Hawley called the new procedures a "common sense" approach that would maintain a high level of airport security.
    Airports around the globe tightened security restrictions in August after investigators suspected an alleged plot to blow up 10 commercial airliners with liquid explosives smuggled aboard in hand luggage.

    Passengers in Canada may continue to bring aboard baby formula, baby food or milk for children aged two or younger. Prescription medicine with supporting documentation, such as a doctor's note, may be allowed in carry-on luggage. Travellers must declare these items to screening officials but the products do not have to be sealed in the plastic bag.

    The federal agency noted that flights connecting through or departing from the United Kingdom continue to prohibit liquids, gels and aerosols.

    Last week, retailers in designated areas of Canadian airports were permitted to sell liquids, gels and aerosols to travellers under new rules. Barrette noted that airports have ramped up security requirements to allow for this change.

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