Canada, Ursula launch, anyone get the call?

  1. I'm on a very short waiting list for an Ursula in black at the Bloor st. store in Toronto, so far no call! Has anyone in Canada recieved "the call" today??
  2. i went there yesterday and they had a white one on display! not sure if there's a W/L but i know they have them there.
  3. no! what is the ursula! how do i not know this!?
  4. Those are the new MC bags.
  5. hmm... dunno but I know the Hamsteads are in (montreal at least). Were the MC bags scheduled prior to this? my instincts are telling me yes lol, so I'm gonna say yes to the MC bags.... I might be wrong
    I called this morning and they had my bag!!! (not sure why they hadn't called) so it is now on the way! I should have it in a few days!!! I can't wait!
  7. congrats!!! :biggrin: