Canada/Toronto tPF meeting???

  1. I think it's about time us Canadians have a tPF GTG!
    It would be so fun to go shopping with you ladies who share the same interest in bags, and maybe have a bite to eat or some drinks?

    Any Canadians interested? I'll be in Toronto on business in November, and I think a number of the LV mods/Canadians live in that area... any takers? I'm planning on stopping by Hermes, Chanel, LV and probably HR Last Call when I'm in town!
  2. i live in Buffalo, NY, which is just 2.5 hrs away from Toronto :shame:. do i count?
  3. I'd be in, that'd be just after exams for me and I could definitely use a breather !

    And yes, 100% of the Louis Vuitton sub forum mods are Torontonians ! ;)
  4. Count me in!! Just name the time and place :drinkup:
  5. Glad there's a couple of takers! The US GTGs sound great and it would be a lot of fun to meet other baggaholics... DH always thought I was the only one :P

    I'm in town the November long weekend for work - Nov 9-13 and staying at the Fairmont Royal York - should be tons of places we can meet around there!

    yeuxhonnetes - Would love to meet you in person if you could come up from Buffalo... you sound very much like me (LOL at your spelling pet peeve and I love your bag collection!)

    I don't know TO that well - can any of the TO ladies suggest a few places?
  6. It may be best to see where everyone's coming from so we can pick somewhere in the middle. Royal York is lovely - and one of the best hotels in Toronto ! (you're rolling in style :graucho:)

    So yes, come on out Toronto ladies !
  7. :yahoo: I am there, baby!!!:wlae: :jammin:
  8. Well, I am married to a Torontonian. And we go back to visit his family all of the time. Can I come???

    My in-laws live in North York, but I can meet downtown no problem!!!
  9. Of course, my favourite Chloe carrying lawyer !! :graucho:

    Is there a particular time which would be best for you - like when you'd be most likely in Toronto ? I know we keep on missing each other because we're too busy, so this time we gotta meet up for real ! :yes:
  10. I stay at the Hilton in T.O. Ayla, is that close? If I am available, I would like to join you!!!AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! So much fun!:roflmfao:
  11. i would so LOVE to meet you ladies unfortunately i am not in town, hopefully we can do a meet up one day! please keep me in the loop, whenever i am back, i can join you guys. :smile: you guys have fun!!!!!
  12. I am so glad to see so many replies!!!:wlae:
  13. This sounds like so much fun!
    You can count me in!!!
    Star is that the Hilton near the airport?
  14. We definitely need to meet up!!! I was supposed to go this weekend, but we might not go now. But we usually go once a month or so!!!

    BUt as for the PF meet up- anytime after the Jewish holidays is good! So just let me know a date when its good for everyone, and I will do my best to be there!!! Can't wait to meet everyone!
  15. No idea yet - I think we'll try to set the location so that it's best for everyone. But hey Star, I would definitely pick you up.. and drive you around I mean. :graucho:
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