Canada to US Question

  1. Hello everyone! I bought a bag yesterday from eBay and the seller is in Canada, I am in the US and she mentioned duty and taxes for the package. I wasn't aware that I had to pay for duty and taxes to get something shipped here from Canada, am I wrong or just confused?
  2. There can be duties or other fees on international shipments and these are the responsibility of the buyer - conditions and amounts vary by country. I am not an expert on U.S. customs regulations but I believe if your purchase is under $200.00 you are o.k.
  3. I've been trying to figure this out too and am getting conflicting info. Supposedly Nafta comes into play. I looked at the US Tariff's chart and it had a bunch of countries where duty is not charged for handbags over $20 in value and Canada (CA) was one of them. I just dealt with customs on a bag I bought from France and it was a royal pain so wanted to check this out before I bid. Anyone selling/buying handbags and shipping from Canada to the US, do you know the regs and typical costs? This would be a high end (over $1k) bag. TIA
  4. It as nothing to do with the country you purchased the bag from, it is where the bag was manufactured.
    So, if you bought a handbag for $450 from Canada, BUT it was manufactured in France or Italy, then customs would apply.
    Yes, the U.S. has a $200 exemption. Any purchase valued over that, would be eligible for fees/duty/taxes.

    The seller has absolutely no control over the buyer's home country's government customs. It is the responsibility of the buyer to research this info and understand exactly what they may be facing by importing an item into their country.
  5. Canada/USA does have a free trade agreement, but it applies to goods manufactured in those countries.
  6. Application of taxes, fees and customs on international shipments is difficult to pin down because they tend to be applied randomly. Someone will purchase an item for $800.00 had have it arrive without any additional fees while another person will be assessed fees on a $500.00 item. Sometimes it depends on the carrier - UPS charges a brokerage fee on top of everything else. The Free Trade Agreement does apply to where an item is manufactured but, from my experience, the application of fees is based on where an item was shipped from.
  7. Thanks for all the info - this is very random and confusing - so typical of governmental institutions! FYI - the duty on my Italian made Bal was 9% (was shipped from France), plus all the other fees the shipping company tacked on. I think I'll stick to buying from US retailers - this last transaction of mine was painful - after paying a lot for secure and quick delivery, the bag was stuck in customs in NY for 10 days - very annoying not to mention really ended up adding to the price of the bag.