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  1. Good morning Canadians (and lurkers):biggrin:

    What's the go when something is being delivered over there in Canada. Do Canada Post leave a card (s) and how fast do they leave it? Also, what is the follow up time for someone to collect their item from the post office (thinking customs to be paid here...)

    Each country has a different flow on postal deliveries and I'd like to know how Canada works for items being retained at the delivery office.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Canadapost attempts one delivery at the address and if there is no one home, they leave a card at the door. Pick up is then available at the local post office sometimes the same day, or the day after at the latest. The post office will hold the parcel for two weeks.

    Canadapost will not hand over the package to the receipient until the customs have been paid so the fees are collected either at the door or at the local post office.
  3. Thanks ND, that's answered all my questions. :tup:
  4. If there is customs owing they will attempt delivery once and if no one is home it will go to the post office and a card will be left. They have 15 days to pick it up from the post office before it will be sent back.
  5. Thanks ladyash!