Canada Post Doesn't Help With Claims For Items Shipped From the U.S.???

  1. I opened a claim today with USPS for an item I shipped to Canada. The buyer went to go pick up the item yesterday and the package had been opened and then taped closed(probably customs inspecting it), but when she opened it her item was not in the package. When I opened the claim with USPS, I was informed that the buyer would have to also report it to Canada Post, who would then communicate with USPS about the contents being missing from the package and then I would be sent claim forms to make a claim for the insurance money. My buyer had no problem calling Canada Post, but when she called them she was informed that they no longer assist with any claims for packages being shipped from the U.S. Is this true? Now what am I supposed to do? The item was not high value and I have no problem refunding my buyer, but am I going to get my insurance money? If anyone has dealt with this before, I'd appreciate any help you could provide.

  2. I would try calling them yourself to check it's really true. If so then call USPS to ask them what you should do.
  3. Thanks Babyjlo. I was going to call USPS again, but I guess it can't hurt to call Canada Post myself too!
  4. this happened to me and i was a buyer from Canada.
    you can only go through usps to file the claim - canada post won't do anything.
  5. tsk tsk tsk... havent had very good personal experience with canada post so far....
  6. Thanks exquisite, do you know if your seller was able to get their money back?