Canada/ Neverfull Damier ?

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  1. I just got off the phone with my S/a on bloor street. Seem he knows nothing about this bag and its arrival. He did take my info and called me back, he was going to check with others to see if they heard anything..

    And nothing, I told him to please start a waitlist with my name on its i'm very interested.. He said he'd do that and when he heard anything he'd call me.

    Anyone else in Canada told the same thing?
  2. I didn't even know the Neverfull was coming in Damier!! Must check in with SA at Holts...
  3. My SA in the Edmonton Holt Renfrew knows.
  4. I haven't heard anything from the SAs at Yorkdale.. ugh, it really sucks that the product knowledge is so varied !
  5. you're lucky, I hope mine finds some info and starts his own list :smile: I want this bag.
  6. Not in Canada, bu the SA I talked to in Illinois, USA knew about the bag, but didn't have waitlist started yet. He put me down, but I will probably follow up with him in about a month. He said he heard that it won't be out until December or January. Hope he's wrong!!
  7. Which store in Illinois? I am interested in getting on the list. Thank you!
  8. Any further updates on this ?
  9. I talked to my SA last week in Montreal and she said there was going to be a Damier Neverfull but that it was coming in yeah dont know who or what to believe anymore!
  10. my SA from the Bloor St store said she wasn't sure exactly when it's coming out, but it's 'definitely some time in the new year'
  11. Did they have any approximate date to go on???
  12. Hmmm... It seems their communication is sooo disorganized!!! Maybe we'll be surprised and it'll come out November 1st :smile:
  13. HR in Calgary is taking a waitlist...people are very very nice there and I'm sure they'll put you on the waitlist. Last week i asked again if its coming out November because i've been asking and they said that's what they've heard but again could be later on as they have no confirmation.
  14. My s/a on bloor street has me on wrote down for a pm when they come out .. i'm sure he's wondering how i know about this bag... hehehe
  15. My S/A on Bloor also says the bag is coming out sometime in the new year. However, last time I talked to her, she said that they're not starting a waitlist yet until they actually receive more information.