Canada Louis

  1. Hello ladies,

    I'm thinking of moving to Canada. Can someone tell me about Canada, Louis, shopping, things to do, living standards...etc?

  2. where in canada are u moving to? :biggrin:
  3. Yes where in Canada? It is a WONDERFUL place to live irregardless but once I know where you are, I can tell you what it's like. And dont worry Louis prices are significantly better here that the land of OZ from what I've been told and there is LOTS of LV to be had no worries about that! I also have a feeling you will LOVE Holt Renfrew here (Its a luxury department store!) !!!! Have you been here before?
  4. I've been to Canada twice. The first time:

    I arrived in Montreal and was detained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was pulled into a small room. They asked me what I was doing in the country.
    I say: I am going to a music convention.
    they say: how long are you here?
    I say: 7 days.
    they say: how much money do you have?
    I say: about $100 dollars because all my expenses are paid.
    They take my drivers license and passporst and detain me for an hour!

    Well, they finally let me go but when I get to baggage a guy asks me if I need a cart and I say yes and he says, "well they are FREE here not like in America!" so needless to say, my intro to Canada was not very pleasant but once I was there.....Montreal was beautiful - French were ruder than in Paris! and my DH and I met in Toronto......nufff said.
  5. Canada is a beautiful Country hands down!
    Pros and Cons ofcourse. If you want, pm me and I can give you a lot of info -
  6. No. I've never been there before. I was looking at the migration site today and did the test. It seemed fairly easy to go over there. We (DH & me) are going to travel around Australia for the next 1.5 yrs or so and then we'll decide what to do. Stay in Australia? Move back to UK/Singapore? Or else where... Canada is one of our options.
  7. Oh dear! I feel for you. I had that similar experience a number of times in Australia! Even when I'm a permanent resident here!
  8. maybe you should take a vacation to Canada to see for yourself. i have been to Australia, Perth and Brisbane, quite a few times and it is a nice place, summer was too hot for me, winter was just nice but nothing compared to Toronto. one thing for sure, there is alot more snow in Canada compared to Oz. if you live in big cities like Toronto, Vancouver, or even Montreal, you won't have to worry about shopping eg. LV, you can find almost everything.
  9. :lol: Been there done that and totally agree!
  10. Canadian customs is a pain, I agree, but living here is awesome.
    I find that LV is a little cheaper in Canada if you do the currency conversion. If you are living in Alberta, great, you pay half the tax that everyone else is paying in the rest of Canada.
    Living standards are good, of course.
    People are friendly in Canada, and I notice the huge difference when I travel back home to Hong Kong...people seem too busy, apathetic, and unfriendly there! I love Canada...I would never live anywhere else :yes:
  11. Agree:yahoo:
  12. Also to add to Karmans' plug for Alberta. We are dying for workers in all job fields,and if your DH is into a trade it's a gold mine because of the oilfields. Alberta is very pretty with the mountians, and we have 3 LV's ;)
  13. awwww... what was their reason for doing this to you? i am appalled.

    i have yet to visit Montreal, but i have distant relatives there. they visit us quite often, and i feel like we should go there sometime soon. thinking of going this summer, if i can get time off and save some $$$
  14. Thanks, ladies.

    Are the people there designer concious? Do you see LV everywhere?

    Funny thing is that I've just notice that are lot of people wiht LV over her. Never used to notice that.
  15. I don't know about the larger cities like TO, Montreal and Vancouver, but in Calgary, I'd say it's so-so here. You see a lot of TEENAGERS wearing name brands, that's for JL, stuff from Aritizia (TNA, Talula, Triple 5, etc), Lululemon, Bebe, etc...those are common teenage/early 20's brands. There aren't a TON of LV carriers, however, it's always busy when I go to LV, so I wonder where all the LV carriers are?! Oh yeah, Holt Renfrew sells Dior, Chanel, Lacoste, Burberry...I don't see a LOT of people wearing brand names (not like every 8-9 in 10 people) and I don't see LV everywhere. I think I've seen more fakes than authentic ones.

    I, myself, have also just noticed that more and more people are carrying LV, it could just because now I'm aware of what it is and I actually sometimes keep a look out for people carrying LV, but it could also be because our economy's booming like crazy and people are earning more and more money. As a previous poster said, we are in a labour shortage right now and need lots of workers. Most places give really good wages/salaries. As an engineering student, our internship director said as interns we could earn up to $60,000 per year! That's a LOT for an intern who hasn't even gotten their degree yet!

    Tradespeople are certainly earning tons of money too...if you consider it, my boyfriend's dad owns his own architech company and he's earning tons...Lots of building and construction going on to, so construction workers/contracters are also earning crazy money.