Canada customs vent!

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  1. Hi i just needed to vent. I am waiting for a mj bag to be delivered. It arrived in canada yesterday afternoon but it still hasnt cleared customs. This has never hapoened to me before. It usually gets out after 10 minutes even if duty needs to be paid. Should i be worried? I was hoping to get it by the end of the week but now i dont know whast to think. Has this happened to snyone else and what was the time line? Thanks in advance
  2. Yes. I had a piece of jewelry sit in customs for a few days. I did pay fees which worked out to HST plus a small Canada post admin fee. This was based on the declared value. It was not inspected - it just took that long for them to process the paperwork.

    You know it is good news when your item clears customs quickly but it doesn't always happen.
  3. Thanks for the post. I hope it clears soon.

  4. Hope you bag arrives soon. My
    Last eBay purchase took two weeks to clear customs at the beginning of the year. Seller and I were both watching the tracking. My package slowed down in Montreal.
  5. Thanks i hope so, ive never had a bag sit in customs this long! Very frustrating :sad:
  6. My bag still hasnt arrived. The last scan was it arriving in canada and absolutely nothing since last wednesday. Im so afaid it was stolen :sad:

  7. If your bag arrived at customs on the 9th it's only been there 5 business days, that's not long at all. I had a bag sit 3 weeks before it cleared. Did your seller under value the package or was it marked as a gift or anything? Also are you checking Your tracking on the Canada post site now, sometimes the USPS one doesn't update a delivery
  8. :biggrin:
    Don't worry, it's OK. I ordered a bag and it took 2 FULL WEEKS to clear customs. Nothing was wrong, there were no issues, it just sat there for that long. Once it was released it was delivered within 2 days.
  9. Thanks for the posts ladies :smile: The status finally changed last night and the item was released from customs. I should get it soon!
  10. I've had a recent purchase from the US land in Vancouver then go across the country to be cleared in Montreal then flown back to me in Vancouver. Took two weeks. When I asked why everyone agreed it's weird but no one could give me an answer, apparently Canada Post and Canada Customs are a complete and utter mystery even to their employees :lol:
  11. Thanks for your post! The item did eventually arrive but i still have no idea why it was so delayed!
  12. If nothing else it teaches us patience! :P