CANADA ~ Canadian Customs{?}

  1. I want to order a coat from VS for about $150. Last time I did an order for undies under $20 and didn't get charged any customs or handling fees but for this order, how much do you think I'll get charged? I'm pretty sure they don't go through USPS, but through a shipping company.

    Have any of you Canadian girls ordered clothing from VS before and had to pay the shipping company customs and "handling" fee to them? TIA!
  2. You get charged $40 for anything over 100-250 I think.
  3. I recently bought a Bulga on sale from Revolve. It was only on the site for a few minutes, and I'm a little concerned now that I snatched up a return and there might be something wrong with it. It's waiting at the post office and the customs charges are (of course) exorbitant. My concern is that once I pay the customs fees and the package is released to me, I'm not going to like it and want to return it. But how will I get the money back for customs? I'm worried it's going to be like throwing your money into a black hole and expecting to get it back. :Push:

    Has anyone been in this situation where you returned an item after paying the customs charges? Was it difficult to get your money back from Canada Customs? Any advice on how to go about this procedure? I have to pick my bag up today and I almost want to leave it there for the weekend. That's never happened before. :sad:
  4. I bought a Burberry bag from NM once and returned it with no problems. It just takes a while to receive your money though. It's pretty easy ... you have to fill out the customs form (I think on the back of the form you receive showing duties owed) and show proof that item has been shipped back. Customs will refund the duties and taxes but I don't think they will refund the handling fees. HTH

  5. Thanks for the info asl! I'm glad it's not a total loss but it's typical that they'd retain the "handling fees" at almost 40% of the total charges. I've never had any luck with getting my money back from them. One time I sent in all the original receipts, etc, and they mailed me back requesting original receipts. Kinda hard to send when I mailed it to them already! Really underhanded!

    Who knows, my bag could be gorgeous and completely flawless and all of this will be for naught. I'm just hoping for the best and preparing myself for the worst. :lol:
  6. ^I hope your bag is perfect ... I know, it's a pain in the @## to send in for a refund. I always make copies of my receipts when I send it in ... cuz of course, they might say they never rec'd it. I just bought a bag from Bluefly, I'm praying that it's perfect since it cost a pretty penny in duties.
  7. Hi

    I have the same experience too! It takes forever and it didn't work everysingle time. It drives me insane.. not to mention no matter how much/little your duties are - the handling fee is what gets you!

    I hope you really like your bag so you don't have to worry about getting your money back!
  8. I returned the bag! And I didn't have to pay a cent. Bear with me if you're interested...

    I called customs before I went to pick up the parcel and was told if I wanted to seek a refund that I would need to send in like, 3 different documents and it would take 3 to 6 weeks. :wtf: Good Lord!!! How evil is that? I was really stunned that I was able to speak to a government official almost immediately though, and the woman was very nice.

    So yeah, I did something a little unorthodox. I returned the purse without even accepting the parcel. How did I do this, you ask? When I went to the post office and asked if I could open the box before paying the customs they of course said no. I told them that the customs agent said that I could do this, so they had better be sure as to the policy, so they let me! :lol: (This was stretching the truth a bit, as the customs agent suggested I ask to see if they'd allow it, but didn't say that this was the law or anything.)

    Anyway, when I opened the box I found that the purse had a big ugly scratch on the front. It looked ridiculous. I know you can get rid of scratches with a bit of ingenuity, but honestly, I wasn't so in love with the bag that I was willing to go through the headache of trying to make it perfect, especially on a light coloured bag. It was one of those split second decisions as the post office workers were waiting for me to decide so I couldn't fondle it or put it on my shoulder or anything. I just bit the bullet and got them to send it back! They just taped it up and refused the shipment. So now I'm out of a cute bag that was a very good deal (40% off an already marked down 50% off bag), but still - it's not a great deal if you're not going to use the bag, and I don't think I would have in this case.

    If you've actually read this far, thanks for enduring my shaggy dog (purse) story! :yes:
  9. SMART!

    I should do that next time...
    unfortunately the guy comes right at my door - and my mom is always so keen on getting packages in the mail that she wouldn't think twice in paying!

    I should peek out the window before I open it next time hahaa

  10. I don't think the mailman would have been open to waiting around for me to open a box to see if I should refuse it or not. Maybe if I came out in my underwear! :roflmfao:
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    LOL, Jade, which Bulga was it? I hate having to make snap decisions like that, but with that scratch on it, you probably made the right one:smile: Can you believe that in this country (Aussie), where you get taxed to death, they actually allow us parcels up to $1000 free of customs, was really happy when I discovered that, so many things I can only buy online...

    Anyway, you're a bag short, girl, what are you gonna trade it for??

  12. Maggie,

    It was the pudding flap in deep rose:;jsessionid=DBD378A3BC069B9083DCDBE0A1F0ED6A.jvm4?product=BULG-WY48#

    If anyone's interested in this bag that comes with a scratch on the front, I suggest you check every day for it as it will definitely be back on the site in the next couple of weeks. As for a bag replacement, I really want the Anna Corinna Jet Setter Jr. in glazed black. But I need a deal. I can't do full price. Even with the 30% discount it's too much. I love Anna Corinna but I think the bags are a little overpriced for the quality. I know I'm asking for the impossible though.
  13. Here is a link to the Anna Corinna:

    I wish Revolve carried it. I think they should give me a deal considering they've gone 2 for 2 for screwing up my order. (The first time around I bought a really beautiful 3 zip hobo by Bulga in chocolate and it never arrived.) Having bad luck with that company. :Push:
  14. Looks like that AC Jet Setter is quite new (like it:heart:), might take some time to get priced down... you never know, though, we'll keep looking:smile:
  15. jadejett - That was probably a good decision to send it back ... thank goodness, you didn't have to pay anything for it! It was a good deal but it's not worth it if you never use it;)