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  1. Is there a small size Muse? I'm not good with big bags and besides, I think a small Muse would have it's own, kellybag-like appeal.
  2. ^^The "medium" size muse is their smallest. Read this thread - it has many photos and information about it. (It's Naomi Watt's Muse size)
  3. Actually, there is a small Muse. They're sorta like evening bags. They're not that small. But, it's called the Small Muse. There's a crocodile Small Muse for the Spring/Summer. But, for the Fall/Winter, they have it in like pink and other bright colors. Also, there is crystals on the hardware on the Fall/Winter Small Muse bags.
  4. i like the chocolate color too and am eyeing to get one soon
  5. This is actually Medium Muse ($1095), incorrect description at NM online. I have seen Small Muse at YSL boutiques, let me look for some pictures.

    (Prices of Buffalo Calf Leather Muse)
    Oversize: $1295USD
    Large: $1195
    Medium: $1095
    Small: $895 (??)

  6. bag.lover is correct! That is a medium muse actually.

    When I answered your question I assumed you meant day-to-day Muse bags not Evening bags. Evening bags are sort of a separate thing to me. Yes, there is now a "small" Muse for evening. The one photo I have seem - it's hot pink satin with rhinestone details.

    Some people mistakenly refer to the "medium" Muse as the small. Yes it's the smallest regular Buffalo skin muse - but it is called the "medium".
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