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  1. Hey I am new here. I want to buy a big bag so that I can carry my laptop everywhere and still look good. so seems this YSL oversize muse bag maybe the winner. and NM now personalize it for free.

    2 questions, appreciate your kind answers

    1) I didn't see black. is this chocolate too dark?
    2) can a regular size laptop fit in? mine is IBM thinkpad T41.

  2. ^^I have the chocolate XL Muse (the one that's on NM). It doesn't come in black at NM - I think Saks may carry the black online. Anyway - it's a beautiful beautiful bag and yes it can carry a laptop no problem. I think that the Chocolate and Ivory are the Muses' "best" colors. The chocolate is very dark - it almost looks black in dim light - but a deep rich chocolate in brighter light - it's so striking!
  3. oh - I forgot - are you getting it embossed?
  4. YES!! I saw pics some celeb wearing black. I think it was Demi. it looks gorgeous. I am not tall, 5'5", is the oversized one too big for me?
    Where did u get yours?
  5. I'm 5'5 and it suits me fine. I think Demi and Jessica Alba both have the Chocolate XL - Madonna has the Black and Kate Moss and Sienna both have the white XL.

    edit to add: I got mine at NM.
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  7. I have the large muse which is also a good size. I think that the XL muse, while bigger, may not be "sturdy" enough to carry a laptop. It will probably fit, however, I am not sure that the Muse was designed to carry very heavy objects. I could be wrong though.....
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    ^^Alba and her chocolate embossed Muse!
  14. that is mine concern.. I personally like the mid size white one better. cuz I am not tall.. but i do not like to carry a purse and a laptop briefcase everywhere. it just does not look right. I got a MJ bag last year hope that my laptop will fit. it did not work out..
  15. ^^Who is this? The XL Muse looks great on her!

    where are you finding all of these great Muse photo's!:amuse: :amuse: