Can your husband/SO SPOT a FAKE?

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  1. Mine can. I guess I have trained him well!:wlae:He spots them before I do:yes:
  2. I doubt mine can..but he can at least differentiate the brands now...LOL
  3. He can't differentiate between a handbag and a plastic bag....
  4. HA my gayman can spot a fake! :woohoo: go gayman! i trained him well!

    it's fun pointing them out to eachother!

  5. Girl, he is a keeper for sure!!!!:tup:
  6. No way!!! Dh wouldn't know a fake if it hit him on the head..whenever I point one out to him he just says "Wow...I didn't think it looked that bad" Jeez.......:shocked:. That's why he doesn't buy me any bags unless I pick them out first!

  7. Hell no. He is clueless.
  8. Yes, he is getting pretty good, which is scary. Especially fake Chanel and fake LV. He even knows when a fake is of a model that was never made. It is somewhat unnerving at times.
  9. He's beginning to. I've trained him well! :yes:
  10. I don't have a SO, but my brother can tell the difference! lol!
  11. I'm surprised my dh can! he's way better than me....he'll point them out to me & laugh!! and i'll just be standing there totally clueless!!
    he's a total guy's guy too so i can never believe it!
  12. In the "first beginning" my BF couldn't tell the difference between real Coach and phony Coach, so I started off showing him some of the differences. I think now he can tell the difference, but he doesn't care much. No man I've ever known gave a darn about whether a bag was real, fake, paper, leather, plastic, etc. Women look at what other women carry and try to discern the legitimacy of it, but men by and large don't care about that kind of thing. I remember once telling my BF that this woman we saw in the mall was carrying a fake LV. He was like, "So, what? Who cares what kind of purse you have as long as you look good?" It's been my experience that a man looks at a woman and notices physical features, clothes, grooming, nails, hair, skin, breasts, buttocks, legs, shoes, makeup, etc. They're noticing the body, basically, and don't care what she's carrying her stuff in. I think only women are catty enough to be the "purse police." With men that sort of thing is trivial. I've had guys compliment me on my looks, perfume, hair, etc., but not one in my 30 years has a guy wanted me for what kind of bag I carry--or made an issue out of whether it's legitimate or not, or questioned me about brand, etc. So now that I know that my BF feels this way I don't talk with him about real vs. fake bags, because I guess to a certain extent it gets a little pointless. Sometimes I think about telling him what others say about how fakes supposedly support terrorism and child labor and stuff, but he'd probably just have some sort of comeback, so I figure why bother?

    On the other hand, though, I'd be interested in knowing what his response to that would be, so I'm gonna go inform him. LOL.
  13. Only if a fake bag caused threw baseballs / dunked / wore a helmet and ran towards goal posts.
  14. Mine wouldn't only because he's largely oblivious! He does know when I've bought an expensive item though and he can tell the difference between excellent quality and crud. He knows most of the designers from listening to me prattle on about stuff and can spot Rick Owens in a shop now which I'm rather impressed by.

    He's a label whore himself and is rather partial to shopping but pays no mind to what other people have
  15. ERmm maybe on a good day :biggrin: