Can you ???

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  1. Apple the black Legacy Leigh leather? Does anyone know? Ive never "Appled" and this is my HG bag..and I'm being a bit of a paranoid COACHIE...thanks ladies!
  2. Yup.
    I've got the same bag and have apple'd her beautifully!
    Go for it!
  3. #3 Jan 31, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2010
    Yay! Now a dumb question...How do you Apple her without getting it on the hardware??? And the chain strap???
  4. Anyone??
  5. Thanks for your "dumb" questions....I don't know either LOL. First time for me to Apple anything too...mine is all Legacy.
  6. I use a white washcloth, sticking my finger in the middle and wrapping my hand around the rest so that the remaining cloth doesn't drag through the conditioner and then get where I don't want it. This allows me to keep things such as hardware free of being touched accidentally, while getting all of the leather covered evenly.
    I've also heard/read of others using white socks to accomplish pretty much the same things.