Can you....?

  1. Hi...just wondering if you can use LMB's "for handles only" on LV vachetta?

    I am getting a mono Speedy 30 from elux in a few days, and I want to keep the vachetta clean and even patina.

    Any suggestions on what to use? :yes:

  2. What is LMB?
  3. are you possibly talking about the milk product?
  4. Luvin My Bags' "for handles only" cream. It's talked about a lot in the Balenciaga thread
  5. i would like to know this too!
  6. Here ya go...

    Bbag Store

    You may want to contact Barbara and ask her opinion about using For Handles Only on naked vachetta

    I use it on my Balenciaga handles but I haven't tried it on my LV...
  7. I just got my new Speedy 30 yesterday...and tried the LMB handles cream on my bag (Barbara said it was OK).....

    And it looks like I didn't touch the vachetta! I even put it on the diamond shapes underneath the handles too. :yes:

    It came out as invisible as it does on my Balenciaga handles!

    I recommend it to anyone who has a brand-new LV bag!!! :heart: