Can you wear your first on your shoulder?

  1. Sorry, this may seem like a silly question, but when I was at Holts yesterday I was trying on firsts and they were pretty tight with just the handles (not using the shoulder strap). I know I've seen other people wear it that way and I was just wondering whether the new bags have shorter handles, or whether the handles stretch. I know the old bags definitely have longer handles (i.e see Sienna Miller's flat brass), but what about newer bags? Are they wearable this way at all?
    Thanks for the info!! :biggrin:
  2. So, I just tried my first on and yes it can fit on the shoulder. It was a little tight, but not too bad. However, I have to warn you that I have freakishly small arms.
  3. I wear my first on my shoulder. It probably wouldn't work with bulky clothing, but especially in the summer months you should be okay. And yes, I do believe the handles stretch with time.
  4. ummm, yeah i wish my arms were smaller but they're NOT :cry: i cant only wear my FIRST with the shoulder strap...
  5. With just a tshirt (no coat) and thin arms, its doable.

    But why not just use the shoulder strap once in a while? I find the strap helpful when I don't want to put my First on the floor of a bar or restaurant.
  6. i have pretty big muscly arms, and my first fits over my shoulder (as long as i'm not wearing too much, like a coat for example). the handles definitely stretch over time!

    EDIT: i'm talking about my 03 first which has definitely stretched over time just from regular wear.
  7. yeppers, i can wear my 1st my shoulder, but i'm a wee one :P
  8. Hmmm...I have skinny arms and I can't comfortably fit my First(06 Fall) on my shoulder? Well, technically, it will go on my shoulder, but not without the top of the bag digging way into my pits. lol
  9. Yeah, I kind of worry about damaging the bag or stretching the handles...
  10. Ok, I just measured how far it is from the inside of the top handle to the top of the bag. There is a 4" clearance. That's pretty tight to me. Hmm...maybe the new fall 06 Firsts have smaller handles? Does anyone else have an Fall 06 First to compare?
  11. I can wear it on my shoulder and I DO NOT have freakishly skinny arms. However, it's a bit tight- which, frankly, I like because when the bag droops kinda low from my armpit, I feel paranoid that something might fall out or someone might put their hand in my purse. LOL.
  12. I do not have skinny arms and would never attempt to put the first on my shoulder that way unless I wanted it permanently attached to me.
  13. I am a size 12/14 (actually I am probably a 10 at this point, losing tons of weight due to tonsillectomy!) but anyway, I cannot wear my first on my shoulder without the strap. Even if I could, I do not want my $1000 handbag in my armpit!
  14. LOL!!! :roflmfao: What's funny was as soon as I felt the top of the bag digging into my pits, I took it off immediately and examined it for any damage. Looks like those Dove test commercials are legit. LOL.
  15. I really love the look of the first with the shoulder strap......