Can you wear the noe across

  1. or only on the shoulder? :confused1:
  2. Hmmm... to each her own but IMO I wouldn't like it across...
  3. well I don't have noe, but I saw several ppl wear it accros the shoulder
  4. I've heard that some people can wear it across the body.. maybe thin people???
  5. a lot of girls in hk do that, probavly cause they are those small skinny ppl, it actually looks preatty good to me.
  6. check out the visual thread, there are pic's there. but i believe its with a different strap.
  7. I've seen it done, however the wearer was very small and petite.

    I could never do it though, those things on my chest would get in the way. LOL.
  8. My aunt had the petit Noe and I don't see any way of wearing it cross-body without it shooting up into your armpit :p
  9. I'm sure it could be done but it doesn't really sound comfortable IMO.
  10. i think veronika (?) has a pic of her mandarin noe worn like that. it's super cute! check out the "noe enabled" thread for pics! i myself can't wear it like that because i'm so thick. :sad: but i've seen lotsa girls wear it wonderfully in that style!
  11. Thanks for all the responses.... :smile:

    I did a search, also in the visual thread, but no luck...

    I'm a size small, but pretty tall, so I hope I can wear it across.

    BTW i'm thinking of the noe in mini lin dune, not the petit noe ;)
  12. oh my gosh! i saw this bag IRL and it's so beautiful. too bad my super petite self can't pull it off. i wish they made it in petit noe as well.
  13. I still havent seen it IRL, but it can't be nothing else than gorgeous..... :drool:
  14. you can sling across your body if you are petite...
  15. I hate pulling stuff over my head.