Can you wear the medium flap messenger style?

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  1. Hi,
    I'm about 5' and has a short torso, do you think it is possible that I can wear it messenger style?

    Anyone has any pics to show?
  2. i'm sure you can do it.

    i was able to wear the large ROCK messanger style, and i'm 6' with a long torso.

    just pull the strap through to one side, and TADA, messanger!
  3. I'm pretty sure you can as well. Are you going down to Saks tomorrow? Whitney was telling me about you getting the red expandable. I'll be down there after work tomorrow to pick up a bag and wallet. :smile:
  4. Definitely, though I don't have a medium flap myself, but my DS 225 works perfect. I'm 5'4. I believe medium & 225 are more or less the same size.

    DS22516.jpg DS22518.jpg

  5. Hehe, I wish I can go down but it's a 3 hours drive and I'm 2 weeks from delivery. I don't wanna risk giving birth in my car... lol.

    I'm getting the black classic medium flap and a gucci diaper bag from her, but asking her to send it to me instead. I'm looking for the ivory medium classic flap (cream) but it seems that it's not available everywhere... Just count myself unlucky that I got into Chanel too late and will have to pay the increased price in future when it does come out...
  6. Thanks for your pics, you look really good with the reissue :tup: . But is the strap for the classic the same length as the reissue?
  7. I just bought the medium flag and I also 5', but when I wear it as messeger style, it seems it's chain was shorter than the reissue, it was placed on the waist not on the hip.
  8. the reissue are easy to wear messenger, although the chains usually start to bother me after awhile.

    the chains on the medium classic flap are definitely shorter than the reissues.
  9. could be 1-2 inches shorter, but I'm short-waisted so that could be still alright for me I guess.

    My 225 chain:
    Double straps: 11' drop (25' end-to-end)
    Single strap: 20' drop (42' end-to-end)

    Maybe you can check eBay for some measurement for the medium flap chain.

    Xegbl, are you expecting? Congrats! Having a bag that can be wore crossbody is important, at least for me! I've a 2-yr old now.
  10. Sorry to bump this ancient thread- but can I see pictures of somebody with a black medium classic wearing it crossbody? Would it work for somebody about 5-5ish?
  11. can someone pls tell me if theres any difference in length of the chains between the 225 and 226? i have the medium/large flap and cant wear it messenger because it sits above the waist and im ard 5'7.. i dont live near a chanel boutique so i cant try the reissues on, thanks!
  12. Although I'm short and short-waisted, I'm also not thin any more so I can't wear the classic med/large flap messenger style; it has a 16" drop when you pull the chain through to convert it to a single.

    I'd need a 19" drop at least and it would probably still sit on my waist if I have my winter coat on.

    bagwhore83 I read elsewhere on the forum that all the chains on previous reissues were the same length, so due to the bag widths varying from 225-228, the drop would be shorter on the bigger ones. I don't know whether the reissues available this past season (F/W08) still have those 44" total length chains; that's something I'd love to find out.
  13. u def can!! im only 5ft1 or 5ft2.. it looks good messenger style!
  14. I tried on the new black medium caviar (i think its the softer/washed caviar?) in the boutique 2 months ago. It didn't fit me quite right messenger style.. so I'm wondering if they shortened the straps on the newer classics? I'm 4'11" and no boobies (lol.. so nothing should get in the way =P).
  15. Meechelley,
    You r not the only one, I can't wear my M/L messenger style, the strap on M/L is definitely shorter than jumbo and reissue 226, which i can wear messenger style.