Can you wear the Manhattan GM over shoulder?

  1. Hi, I am new to the Vuitton forum. I am an avid Balenciaga fan, and up till now it is the only forum I have visited. I am interested in buying the GM, but I am not sure since it is a tote. Can you wear it over the shoulder??
  2. Yes but not for a long time. Its can be a bit heavy. An depending on your size or what you have on it can keep falling off.

    But overall the answer is yes.

    I wear mine on my shoulder sometimes if I have something on thats not too bulky. But its not comfortable for long periods of time
  3. Hello and welcome! Yes, you can wear it over your shoulder as the handles are quite long for a 'hand-held bag'. However, the outer handle will keep slipping off, so you usually have to hold the handles in place. I'm not sure if you can wear it on the shoulder during the winter with a thick coat on, probably not, but I haven't tried yet...;) Good luck if you decide to buy it, it's a gorgeous bag (albeit pretty heavy)!
  4. Thank you very much:smile:
  5. Check out the visual thread, some Pfers have the pics wearing it over the shoulder..
  6. Yes...I carry it on my shoulder all the time.