Can you wear the Antik Cervo shoulder or handbag w/ a coat

  1. Hi, now that I'm totally in love with the bag and have a plan on how to raise funds for one, now I wonder if I can even wear it with a coat? Can any of you pipe up? For additional info, I'm plump, (size 20 when I should be around a size 14 - built REALLY big and that's my DOCTOR saying that, not me! :shame:smile:

    I'll stop obsessing if it won't work! :p
  2. which antik cervo is this?
  3. I guess the title line is kind of lame... The Antik Cervo Shoulder bag or the Antik Cervo handbag (I'm hankering over the handbag, but they have the same drop length as far as I can see.)

    This one:
  4. Or, in a clutch/bind, can you add a strap to make it cross body? there has to be a way to do it and to make it look like it was meant for this bag since it has the O-rings.
  5. hi berryblondeboys,
    i was debating between the bag you're considering and another one (very similar - large prada bag, antik cervo, etc.). i opted for the other one b/c it was slightly smaller, had a shoulder strap, and looked more feminine. it was a little more expensive, but i love it. the bag looks a little bit like the messenger bag on nm's website but is quite different and more chic/sophisticated.

    that said, i LOVE LOVE LOVE my bag and have used it everyday since my purchase just a month ago. the leather is gorgeous and matches everything i wear. i was also told by the sales associate that these bags never go on sale b/c they are classic, in high demand, and produced in smaller numbers than some of the other bags. my bag, in particular, was only available b/c a customer had it special ordered and changed her mind.

    i hope this helps and good luck!
  6. Well, you just can't SAY that and not post pictures of it or let me know a way to get ahold of one! ;)

    Getting one slightly smaller, with water pockets and a shoulder strap??? Heaven!

    They had ones in black there that were slightly smaller, but no shoulder strap! Now I'm super, duper intrigued. I just too inventory and if all goes well, I can probably get this be month's end.

    Does anyone know if the 10% Saks first time purchase works for these bags? That would be awesome!:yahoo: (I just got an pop-up from them today, but not a follow-up email with details of the offer yet.)
  7. no water pockets - but large enough to put in all my work (i don't like carrying a briefcase to work) my wallet, cellphone, and water bottle! just checked my authenticity card - br3787? does that help?

    i have a confession - i'm technologically inept and don't know how to take pictures and upload them onto a computer - much less a website. do you have a prada store near you? these stand-alone stores seem to have a greater variety.

    good luck with your quest. from what you've been posting, it sounds like you need to do something for YOU.
  8. And the answer is YES YOU CAN wear it with a coat! I brought my coat with me and it fit find WITHOUT adjusting the straps which have a little play with them... OMG!!!!

    Unfortunately, I spotted another to die for bag while I was there too! Oops! it's a Miu Miu bag, but I can't see it online anywhere! I'll have to ask about it.
  9. Oh you can absolutely wear it with a coat even a big down jacket it's PERFECT!!! GET IT!!!!
  10. Once I raise the funds, I'll be getting it. I just got my 10% off my first order through Saks that is good through the end of January, so I will definitely be using that and keeping my eyes peeled for deals elsewhere too as I KNOW I want this bag. I'm also going to keep my eyes open on a smaller purse too, but I can probably find something at Marshalls or TJmaxx that will work for that.

    I'm so excited!!!!