Can you wear silk in the fall/winter

  1. I have lost my sense of fashion knowledge.
    I bought this nicole miller dress- I was on the prowl..found it, but NEVER ever had a chance to wear it.
    I was plainning on wearing it with my brown ferragamo or chanel sandals and using my pink medallion tote to wear with it..
    But for the fall I got some great brown suede knee boots that I swear would look fabo.. its not too pinkish and I think I cold get away with it at least until it snowed.. what you guys think..
    I just could not remember if silk is only a seasonal or one season material.
    here is the dress- help me out
  2. Cute dress. I think you could definitely pull that off with boots in the fall/winter but I don't know if my opinion counts for much because in Florida the ONLY time I would wear it would be winter due to the long sleeves.
  3. Definitely! I do it all the time. It all depends on how you mix and match your outfits. You can definitely wear this dress you posted with fabulous boots, a nice coat and scarf to keep you warm.
  4. It also looks like you could wear it with some tights underneath to keep your legs warm and "winterize" the dress. Add a scarf and your tote, and you're good to go.
  5. I'd pair it with platform mary jeans and opaque tights, ala Marc Jacobs.
  6. THank you ladies..
    I was thinking I could but needed a little reassuring.
    I think the opaque tights would look so good..
    just got to get the right color.
    I will post it when I wear it
    thanks again
  7. I think it would be fine. If it makes you feel better I used to see it a lot in fashion spreads for winter layering articles. It was recommended a lot as a base layer. The issue with silk is that the elements can ruin it.

    Can I get away with these- or would I need a less busy shoe ?
  9. I certainly think you can wear it with those boots (and some tights underneath). Also... I'd like to say it is one of the prettiest dresses I've seen lately, really beautiful!