Can you wear mandarin in winter?

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  1. in a cold climate area? Or do you think it's just suited for warmer months?
  2. I wouldn't.
  3. :yes: = yes! I reckon that you can wear this AMAZING colour all year 'round! I mean in winter you don't get a chance to wear fun colours etc... so wearing a Marndarine Bag will give your outfit that POP! :nuts:
  4. I also feel like it's more of a "summer" colour. Although, if you pair it with a lot of dark browns in your clothing, it might actually work for fall too....
  5. I'd wear it with the right outfit and as long as it matches. I think it'd look pretty.
  6. Good question! I want to know what everyone else thinks too!!
  7. Its say you'd be safe to use it as a spring (march/april)/fall Sept/october) bag.
  8. I do, mandarin or orange is part of the fall colors all the time. A lot of the designers usually carry mandarin/orange in their collections.
  9. i definitely think it's a year-round color.
  10. I'm going for all year, especially into the fall with a lot of rich browns and mossy greens......I think orange is a nice alternative to red for me b/c I just don't like red bags on me for some reason......I do need a pair of red heels though!
  11. I will carry it year round.
  12. I think it's a year round color.
  13. I think year-round, with the right outfit
  14. It's a year round color for me.

  15. If you live in California, where we sometimes have 70 degree winter days, I would say yes, but if you live in an area where you have actual seasons (like winter with snow), I say use through fall and store it for winter.
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