Can you wear LV canvas at night?


Midas Jr.
Jun 30, 2011
Yes to dinners. Yes to most weddings. Probably no to black tie, white tie, or red carpet, but I imagine most women who regularly attend those types of events have climate-controlled walk-in closets full of Lieber minaudières and the like to choose from.
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Dec 27, 2005
There are no fashion rules that the fashion police will gasp and banish you to a corner for breaking them.
Bags are meant to be used. If one feel comfortable carrying one to a formal event it is their own choice. Does one really care what others think? Does judging other people on how they look or dress make you the person judging superior. I have seen more bags at formal events with beads, feathers and bling which stand out more than a simple Small LV bag. The more busy a bag the more noticed it gets against a outfit which may be the point of the design.

Do magazines, designers, fashion media have a list of rules that one has to follow? Yes to help them sell products each new season or year. They sell by making one think they need to own or buy a product, what they have is old, past season and no longer in fashion.

One needs to be comfortable in their own skin. Life is too short to worry about having to look a certain way in order to please others. I would rather have my own style and be happy versus worrying if I am NOT in fashion because is someone else’s opinion.
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