can you wear framboise vernis in the winter?

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  1. Or this is only a warm weather color? Which one do you prefer, framboise or noisette?
  2. Personally, noisette - I think the frambroise looks nicer on small accessories and bags.

    Then again, I am a boring person so frambroise may be a better choice !
  3. ayla: YOU ARE SO NOT BORING!!!!!!! lol just take a look at your avatar pic! so cute! lol

    Anyhoo, I say buy whatever your heart desires, and personally, I prefer the Framboise......
  4. No, I agree, I prefer framboise in smaller bags and accessories but I do think it's fine for year round....I think it's a nice alternative to red!
  5. framboise! somethign bright to spice up neutral winter colors!
  6. framboise! something bright to spice up neutral winter colors!
  7. i would wear framboise all year long!! since i'm in florida and we're "allowed" to do bright colors all year long!

    although --- i don't own any vernis....i was <this> close to get framboise reade PM but my SA talked me out of it:shrugs: .....again, since i'm in florida and the HEAT and humidity won't do good....:crybaby: man, it's HOT!!!:rant:

    you can wear all black and use it as an accent color, it'd be so pretty! :tender: :heart:
  8. I dont think colors really have seasons like they used to. I love the color and think it would look great - even in winter.
  9. Aww.. thanks ! :shame:

    Have a free hamster coupon ! :graucho:

  10. ^^^ now, that's CUTE! cutest coupon i've ever seen!!! :nuts: :heart:
  11. ^^^ I wish there was somewhere where I could actually cash it in ! :graucho:
  12. IMO Noisette is kind of blah, especially in winter.
    Go for the framboise!
  13. I think you can use it all-year round. I like framboise better.
  14. Framboise is a beautiful color, and it would look great with winter neutral colors.
  15. I think the Framboise is a dark enough pink to wear in the winter, and it'll pop against all the darks and neutrals. I like both Noisette and Framboise, the former is more elegant and the latter is more fun. Depends on the item.
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