Can you wear a Sac Plat on your shoulder?

  1. Anybody know?
  2. I just bought a cerise sac plat. Not sure if the straps are the same size... I can't put it on my shoulder. But I'm not a skinny minnie... Maybe if you were a size 2-4 it could maybe work?
  3. I'm a 0-2 and I'm not sure I could wear it on my shoulder! Granted, I don't own one but I have seen it in person.
  4. I think it's meant to be a "shopper". Meaning handheld to throw stuff in quickly. I know I couldn't fit it on my shoulder when I looked at it, but I'm a big girl.
  5. If you're tiny enough, it's possible...but would probably be very uncomfortable. Like pursefanatic said, it's meant to be handheld.
  6. thanks everyone! :biggrin:
  7. I agree, not a shoulder bag :biggrin: Its possibly, but I think it would look a bit silly as well as be uncomfortable like others said.
  8. I did manage to get it on my shoulder but it was so uncomfortable:shame: It is a hand-held tote.
  9. not to go much off topic, but I am needing pictures of an authentic cerises sac plat. Could you take pictures and let me use them on my cerises authentication page? I will water mark them and list you as a credential.:amuse:
  10. I'm skinny and there's no way!
  11. I don't want to steal photos and the MPRS has not answered my request.
  12. right, i certainly wasn't suggesting you steal their photos. i just thought maybe they'd let you use them for your page :idea:
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