Can you wear a Maddy over your shoulder?

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  1. OK, so I'm lusting over the Mahalas, but when I see them over someone's shoulder, they just look so huge! I'm kind of a small purse gal anyway, so I'm wondering if the Maddy might be a better choice. But, if I understand correctly, the handles on the Maddy might not be long enough to wear it on the this right? I already have a Lulu Guinness bag whose handle is too short for me to wear over my shoulder, and I get tired of carrying in my hand. Maddy owners, chime in you carry in our hand or can you wear it on your shoulder?
  2. I can and do, but some have problems especially if you are wearing a coat or jacket. Go to the sticky thread for members pics of their bags and there are some modeling pics of a red one, I believe.
  3. Skinny arms and thin coats will make Maddy a breeze to wear on your shoulder. :smile:
  4. ^ita!
  5. I am 5 foot 1 and I had a Red Maddy which went back due to the inability to wear it comfy over the shoulder and it was in May when I would wear tanks and short sleeves..... Sorry:sad:
  6. I had the black Maddy but exhanged it for the Mahala because it wasn't as comfortable carrying on my shoulder and getting in and out of it. I love the Mahala! I'm 5' 0" and feel comfortable with the size of the Mahala
  7. That's what I was afraid of. Guess it's back to drooling over Mahalas then!