Can you wear a black leather purse in the summer?

  1. Hi,
    I just bought a carmel color Gustto bag to wear in the summer. It was expensive and an investment. But, I also just saw a very, very cute black leather bag (a friend of mine had it) that it's a "brand name" that I bought for under $100. I love this bag but I am wondering if I can wear it in the summer. It's black, crinkled leather. It's just cute and I love it. Please let me know. I would actually consider returning the Gustto bag since it was expensive.
  2. I think you should keep both bags. Of course you can carry a black bag in the summer. I have a black patent leather bag that is from Kenneth Cole that I LOVE LOVE LOVE and I carry it on rainy days. I also have the same bag in a wine color that I carry on rainy days. I really carry any bag I wish---when I feel like it. Other than carrying a straw bag in the winter...pretty much anything goes with me. I pretty much buy seasonless items anyway.
  3. honestly i live in an all year summer country and i wore blacks all the time.
  4. Thank you. I am so torn, but I can always use the nice one when I am at work. And the black one when I am with my kids and on the weekends. I don't think I should return the black one, but I wasn't sure if I should keep the expensive one, but I think I will......thanks.
  5. Absolutely can wear black in the summer...keep it if you can so you can change bags when you want to. I love to wear black and white all summer long and I never carry a white bag. If you think it is too heavy/dark for the really dog days of summer, why not tie a cute little Pucci scarf on the handle???
  6. I wear black all the time during the summer. I always tend to wear black bags more when going out at night.
  7. To be totally honest...the whole summer purse, winter purse thing is out the door with me. I carry different purses at all different times of the year. No Biggy.
  8. yes, you can def use a black purse during the summer!
  9. Yes
  10. You can wear a black bag all year round!
  11. I had my eye on one but wasn't sure about the whole summer thing...after reading posts I am out the door to purchase it -- woohoo!
  12. Yes! I have a black patent leather Coach bag that I wear all the time in the summer.
  13. I think as long as it's not black velvet, it's summer appropriate. :smile:
  14. What a funny question. Of course you can wear a black bag in the summer time.
  15. You can wear black anytime! Keep both bags!