Can you wear a black leather purse in Summer

  1. Hi,
    I just purchased the small Gustto Baca bag in Carmel color. I love it, but it was an investment by my standards (I think like $750). I haven't worn it yet, but try it on every night. I do really love it. I also just bought a black leather bag that has cute crinkly leather for under $100 at Nine West. It's adorable and was inexpensive (a friend of mine had it and I thought it was a $700 bag when I saw it on her shoulder), but it turned out to be just a nice leather black bag). Can I wear black leather with white stitching in the summer? And, my second question is-Do I keep the Baca bag for summer and also keep the black leather bag for next fall OR can I keep the black leather bag for summer and return the Gustto? Thoughts? Help?
  2. I think you can wear black bags in summer, just try not to wear totale black. I would keep both bags and would wear them all year round, no matter the colour!
  3. Of course you can wear black bags in the summer!

    Keep them both!:yes:
  4. To me, black is all year 'round.

    It's fun in the spring/summer to mix a black bag with a white outfit and black shoes or vice versa!
  5. Lol I asked this question only a week ago. Yes, black looks GREAT in the summer!!!
  6. Both black and camel are neutral colors and I personally think can be worn all year long. If you like both bags and it does not hurt your bank account. Keep both.
  7. I totally agree!!
  8. keep both of rocks....
  9. I think you can wear a black bag in the summer- it's such a basic staple to any wardrobe
  10. Totally!!!!!! Most of my bags are black and I wear them year long!!!!! Rock that black bag!!!!!
  11. Black is classic--goes all year long. Personally I think it's harder to carry a very light or white bag in the fall or winter. It just looks off. But black in summer--sure!
  12. I think you can definitely use a black bag in the summer! There is nothing wrong with it at all. In fact, black is for all seasons imo! =)
  13. absolutely!:dothewave:
  14. yes sure!
  15. Yes, definitely! I wear black bags year round.