Can you walk away with empty hands from here?...

  1. I would take with me the Batignolles

  2. I must be coming down with something cause I just want the mini Elipse :shrugs:
  3. I LOVE Tulum GM!!!:love:
  4. I would take the Orange Onatah Suede Fleurs PM... [I think that's the name?]
  5. i'd take the Trapeze next to the Mizi:tender:
  6. I'd take the Trapeze AND the Mizi!!! :roflmfao:
  7. the mizi! the mizi!!!!:love:
  8. Mizi for me and maybe one of the GM Onatahs!
  9. ooo, I want the MIZI and the TULUM GM please!!!!!
  10. Is that a Mini Noe in the pic? I want one of those, and I'll take an Alma :yahoo: I wish! :tender:
  11. Batignolles Vertical and Mizi :shame:
  12. I'd take the Alma, one of the Onatahs, Mini Ellipse, and the BH! My hands would be full! lol!:P
  13. Same here!
  14. You could just wrap it all up for me.. in my dreams ! :biggrin:
  15. I'll take the fur coat :upsidedown: