Can you use the invite online and in store?

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  1. I know this has been discussed but I haven't seen if anyone has tried and succeeded!
    Has anyone been able to do this?
  2. yes, i have used my e~pce both online and in-store with no problems!! :smile:

  3. Thank you!!!
  4. I got an e-pce and I have not been able to use it online. I've tried the invitation number and the code under the bar code. There's no online code for me and it says it can only be used in coach stores. How were you able to use your online?

  5. Mine actually has an online code that I can enter.
  6. I'm not sure if your online invitation has these (it should have).

    Your name : dareyes_317
    Online Code: (Use this code to buy online)
    Your Email Address :
    Zip Code :
  7. Can someone help me? Is there a special website that I need to start my purchases?
    I only received the online code but it's not accepting! Please help!!
  8. ^^You just go to to make the purchase. Are you sure the code is good online? Your invite should look like what Jasmyn described above
  9. Thanks! I managed to get through with my orders by calling Coach. :smile:
  10. Hello, has anyone used an actual PCE mailer online and in store? If so, is there an order it needs to be done in (online first, and then store, or v.v)??
  11. I used my ePCE both online and in the store and it worked! Woohoo! I don't think it matters what order it is done in.
  12. Yeah! You can actually use the same code as many times as you want too! At least they let me do in the store I shop at!
  13. Oh, yay! I was just coming online to ask the exact same question. I already used mine in the store, but now there's another bag I want to get. Coach keeps sending me reminders but when I click on the link it says I already used it. I'm thinking that's because it clearly states you can only print it once and I've printed my one time. I'm thinking of just ordering online if it will let me use my code.