Can you use store credit to do a charge send?


Jun 1, 2007
My mom has about $4,000 in Nordstrom's returns and $6,000 in Bloomingdales returns. I was wondering if it's possible to use the store credit from those purchases to do a charge send. Or can you only use credit card to do a charge send over the phone. Nordstrom's hasn't yet opened here in Hawaii (opens in March) and we don't have Bloomingdales so that's the only way I can get things is through phone order.

TIA for any info! :sweatdrop:


I Love DC
Nov 12, 2006
Northern VA
I've had store credits in the past that can't be used over the phone, so I just spoke to the SA in advance and then mailed her my credit. She called me when she received it and we put the balance remaining (after she scanned my credit) on my charge.