Can you use PCE at Outlet/Factory store (Carlsbad or Las Americas)

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  1. Does anyone know whether you can use the PCE card at these places? I called and they said no but I heard from a kind tPFer that someone else called and they said yes. Anyone know for sure? I could call tomorrow but im dying to know now. :drool:
  2. pce can't be used at the outlets. i wish it could it can't be used online either. sorry
  3. ^Thanks again. I posted yesterday and you let me know and then i called JUST to be sure and they said no but i heard from someone else they called and the SA spoke to said yes! Ahhh!!! Can't help but get excited! I was so hopeful!
  4. The outlet stores used to send out cards a few years back. Now they just reduce their prices, which I like better anyway.
  5. Final answer.... YES, after terrible treatment and abusive statements from the manager via phone....YES YOU CAN USE THE PCE DISCOUNT AT THE Carlsbad outlet!!!!! ANyone going today want to share their card? PLEASE private message me with contact info. I'll be in SD until Monday morning. Manager was very mean abot not giving ME the discount because I dont have a card.
  6. Did she say no to you just because you don't have a card or did she say no because the outlets don't honor the discount period? Usually the outlets don't do PCE, it's the boutiques. But she told you that if you had an actual card she'd honor it? I'm confused.
  7. ^ Yes, you CAN get the PCE discount at the Carlsbad outlet. What I believe happened is that someone high in the ranks at Coach told the outlet store they have to honor the PCE card and the manager I spoke to is unhappy about that and reluctant. So she went nuts on me for asking if they would be able to give me the discount b/c I dont have the card. But yes, you CAN use the PCE card at the outlet if you physically have it with you. Hope that clarifies.
  8. sister called this outlet as well..i guess the Carlsbad outlet is the only one able to use the PCE card. I hope you can find someone to help you out..even if you can get one sent overnight to you on eBay the savings would be great!!!
  9. Does anyone know if the Lancaster, PA outlet is honoring it? I do have
    a card (well actually my mom does because we have a shared addiction), so should I ask my mom to call them and ask about them honoring the PCE coupon at that outlet?
  10. Anyone live near Vacaville, CA? There is a Coach Outlet and I just called to see if I can use PCE and the manager said YES!!! Can't wait till I get it in the mail. :happydance::woohoo::wlae: