Can you use PCE and a 40%?

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  1. Has anyone been able to use PCE with their 40% off letter? I'm eyeballing the dragonfly duffle.... LOL
  2. Probably not, but if you can, please let me know!
  3. No, you can't use both. It says on the letter. :sad:
  4. 40% from where? I have been able to use discounts on top of sale.
  5. Nope...I already tried that; so I just used the 40% off.
  6. But a PCE isn't a sale, it is a discount like a coupon. You can't use two coupons at once.

    The 40% is the letter they send you when they can't fix your defective item.

    I think 40% off for the dragonfly duffle is still good. Since it is a limited edition, I doubt it will ever make it to the outlets.
  7. Thanks. I don't have an actual letter. It's just noted on my account so I don't have the fine print! Lol.
  8. I had the account note also.
  9. Maybe I'll wait for something better than the dragonfly duffle. It is crazy pretty but I think it will be too big for me. It doesnt tell me that I HAVE to have it, you know?

    Maybe I will just see if they will honor PCE and get crimson Willis and a check book cover.... Hm....
  10. Oh okay. I recently got credited for my wallet and I am looking for more ways to save. lol. The sale was on the shoes. I got a great deal on them. The Dragonfly bag is super cute.
  11. You can use a PCE on sale items. I used it on sale shoes before. Shoes are about the only things that ever go on sale.
  12. I want the account note!!!!!! Lol
  13. I wasn't able to use it either.